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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Repossession

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: Simeon's Dealership

Unlocked After: Franklin and Lamar

There's no rest for the weary in Grand Theft Auto V, and almost immediately after your first mission, Simeon will call Franklin up and give him a fresh list of repo cars. Hop onto the map, click on the S icon to create a straight path to Simeon, and hop in Franklin's car to get underway. Once you arrive at the dealership, Simeon will give you your mission - along with some colorful commentary which will get Franklin and Lamar mad at each other - and the mission will be underway.

- Hop into your car. Wait for Lamar to catch up, as he's coming along for the ride.

- Head for Vespucci Beach on your map. Watch your driving - there are some hairy turns along the way, and some high-traffic areas to boot. Franklin's special ability is very helpful.

- Follow Lamar into the back alley, over the fence. Walk alongside him the whole way to remain inconspicuous.

- Check the three garages at the end of the alley. One is empty; another has an item; the third, largest garage triggers a cut scene.

- Pick up the gun Lamar drops when the shooting starts and equip it with L1 or LB.

- Take cover at the side of the garage and shoot out the first few thugs to your right. Once the coast is clear, run across the alley opposite Lamar and keep shooting. You'll soon find a Shotgun sitting on the ground. It's not that great here, as most of the thugs are a fair distance, but you'll love this gun for close encounters.

- Finish off the thugs on the rooftops, then shoot the gas trail left behind by the car that's fleeing to take out the rest further up the alley.

- The guy with the bike you're trying to track down will take off. Hop the fence and get back into your car.

- Time for a high-speed pursuit through the city. Using the map, follow the guy on the bike through the streets, using your special ability to make up for lost time by cutting close corners and weaving through traffic at near-reckless speeds. Expand the radar so you know where you're headed and take off after him.

Catching the guy with the motorcycle is easily the hardest part of this mission, as it requires you to kill him while the motorcycle is in motion. Not only that, the game asks you to learn a new skill in the process. Fortunately for those in a rush, there are two ways to complete this mission, rather than just one.

- The first is to do as the game asks and shoot at the bike's rider from the car. Once you're close to the guy and on a road that's not too crowded, use Franklin's special ability to slow down time. Hit the Y or Triangle button to pull out your gun and use the right control stick to aim at the biker. Hit him and the chase is effectively over. It's a slick move, and fairly easy to pull off once you have some practice, but difficult on your first run.

- The second is to simply ram the guy on the motorcycle. He's quite exposed, and one decent bump is all you need to knock him off and take him out. This will cause a minor amount of damage to the bike, but as far as a 100% run is concerned, it doesn't really matter.

Hop on the bike once the guy is dealt with one way or another and drive it back to the dealership. You may have some trouble with the law on the way, but the motorcycle makes it very easy to avoid cops long enough to get out of single star status. Use your special ability with abandon, here, as Franklin is just as frail on the bike as its former owner. One good wallop and you'll be flying off it.

Gold Star Completion

Time - Complete the mission within 6:30. Catching the bike will pose the most trouble. If you luck out early you can wipe him out with your car; if you're lagging, shoot the guy instead.

Trail Blazer - Shoot the gasoline trail. Easy enough.

Headshots - Kill six enemies with headshots. Hardly impossible, but you can't rely on auto aim too much. It's easier to go for headshots on the guys who are firing from above; the ones behind the barricades on the ground duck too often to be viable targets.

Accuracy - Finish with an accuracy of at least 70%. Not too difficult with auto aim, though a little trickier if you're also going for headshots. Stick to the Handgun.


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    • profile image

      Hater 4 years ago

      This mission is 100% impossible. The biker goes through buildings and flies through everything so easily. I call bullshit

    • profile image

      Henney 4 years ago

      Too bad lamar takes the bike right from the car wash, update this walk-through