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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Bureau Raid

Updated on October 3, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael, Franklin

Location: Textile factory, La Mesa

Unlocked After: Architect's Plans, the prep missions

Time for another big heist? Time for another big heist. This time the team's hitting no less than the FIB Building, and their target is a server on the top floor. Will they score big and make it out alive? Or will death finally catch up with our favourite bad boys? Let's find out.

Fire Crew


Fire Truck

It's possible to find fire trucks sitting around Los Santos, but it's much easier to just call for one. Pull up your phone and ask for Emergency Services. Wait for the truck to show up (preferably in your car), block it from leaving, and steal the sucker. You'll have to escape the wrath of the police afterward, but, hey. Typical day. Take it back to the textile factory when you're clear.

Gold Medal Completion

What is your emergency? - Call 911 to contact the fire department. Easiest way to get one, so, hey.

Not a Scratch - Deliver the fire truck with no damage. A bit tough, this, but only by virtue of the inevitable police chase. Your best bet is to immediately flee the scene and slowly dodge the cops while in motion. It's only a one-star Warning, so you should have no trouble staying out of sight. After that, just drive carefully back to the textile factory.

Getaway Vehicle

As with a previous mission, you'll need a getaway car. Steal something with four seats and stow it in an inconspicuous place, away from police stations. I used a back alley in Strawberry; there are hundreds of similar, just-as-good spots elsewhere in the city. Call Franklin or Lester afterward to confirm your location.

The Heist

- Head to the textile factory and watch the cut scene.

- Once Michael's suited up, drive to the FIB building.

- Enter the FIB building. Stop at the turnstile, gab, and go through.

- Head down the hall to the elevator.

- Once you're out of the elevator, pop into the maintenance room across the hall and grab the Mop.

- Head down the hall and mop the floor. Though there are two targets, you'll probably have to mop it several times to get rid of the stains. Afterward, plant the bomb in the locker to your right.

- Grab the bucket. Head down the hallway. Oh, the excitement. Plant the bomb in the bathroom when you're done.

- Head back to the maintenance closet, drop off the mop and bucket, and go back to the elevator.

- Leave the building and head to the waypoint at the front.

- Over to Franklin and the crew. Head to the building in the fire truck and pick up Michael.

- Pull out your phone and hit 'Detonate' under the contacts. Boom.

- Rush back to the building and head for the elevator.

- Follow the gang as they ascend through the building.

- Once you reach a locked door, toss a Sticky Bomb onto it, take cover, and detonate. Run in afterward.

- Grab the Containment Drive from the serves in the rear of the room.

- Hightail it back through the building.

- A door will explode partway through. You'll probably lose one of your cheaper gunmen here. Keep going through the fire.

- Run until Franklin gets knocked out. Once he's up, pull out a gun and keep going. Don't get turned around by accident - you want to head deeper into the building.

- The next few rooms are shooting galleries, and it can be difficult to see your targets. Follow the map more than your sight and watch out for red dots. As soon as you see one, duck for cover. There are a few times where agents will be right on top of you; if this happens, go in for melee instead.

- Meet up with Michael and the gunman/men. Follow them until you find an elevator shaft.

- Rappel down the shaft. You can move quickly down here, but watch out for falling debris. If something's incoming, don't do the quick leap - or, at best, only do it the second you see the object above appear. Otherwise, stay against the wall and wait for it to fall.

- Escape the building. Return to the fire truck.

- Head for the waypoint, where your getaway car is waiting.

- Destroy the fire truck. Grenades work; Sticky Bombs work; rockets work. Use what appeals to you best.

- Pick up your guys and drive them back to Lester's house. (Depending on where you stashed the car, your henchmen may be a little stupid about following you. Drive the car to them if necessary.)

Gold Medal Completion

Time - Complete within 18:00. This is dependent largely on not screwing around too much when you're playing janitor. Try to get the floors done as quickly as possible, hopefully with a single mopping per smear. Having a competent gunman help you through the mission will also help.

Out of Breath - Escape with 40% oxygen left. As you move through the building your oxygen meter will run down. Dash through the fire and mow down the agents quickly and you'll be fine on this count.

You Missed a Spot - Complete the mopping section within 3:00. Again, mop quickly. Hit each spot once, and only once. Alignment is key. It's also smart to bring the bucket with you to minimize time.

Abseller - Absell down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds. You'll have to rappel like crazy to do this, but it's manageable. Leap pretty much every time you touch down. You shouldn't have tons of trouble with the debris.

Roof Entry


(Once again, I've taken the other heist, and I'm not sure of the prep details. Anyone? Thanks.)

The Heist

- Hop in the car and head to the government facility. Enjoy the touchy conversation between Michael and Franklin.

- Park at the waypoint and you'll be zipped up to the helicopter. Pilot the first leg of the trip to the jump zone. You're aiming for the big, yellow circle in the sky.

- Parachute down to the roof of the FIB building. Easy enough, this - you can make almost a straight descent to the place, with only a bit of slowing down at the end necessary. Aim for the yellow circle ahead.

- Once inside, approach the server room door. Use a Sticky Bomb on it to get inside.

- Onto a PC. Go to My Computer, External Device, and the hacking program. Once it's running (if you have a poor hacker) you'll have to find the numbers at the top of the screen in the jumble. Not too hard - just look for the first two numbers beside each other. Don't focus on all four.

- Use BruteForce.exe next. Stop the red tumblers just as they're about to hit the middle section of the screen. This will give you your password.

- Execute the final program.

- Firefight time. Pull out a gun and stay in cover. If you're Michael, you'll be by the door to the server room; if you switch to Franklin you'll have more coverage, but you can't check the program's progress (which you shouldn't bother with anyway). Keep firing from cover and holding off the FIB agents until the transfer is verified done.

- Head downstairs. Watch out on the stairs - you'll run into a few agents in close proximity.

- Soon you'll reach a floor that's been utterly trashed. Take cover and make your way through it, bringing down agents as you go. Your hacker can help disable the sprinklers and improve visibility… unless you went cheap, of course. Keep moving through the building, killing and taking cover, until you reach an open section in the wall. (If you run low on health, look for a paramedic by a fallen man. There's a Health Kit here.)

- Rappel down the side of the building. No tricks here, just move fast.

- Take cover at the bottom before the gunship that spots you can catch you in a hail of bullets. Pull up an automatic, use Michael's special ability to go slo mo, and aim for its cockpit. You shouldn't have any trouble hitting the pilot and bringing the thing down.

- Rappel down the remainder of the building. Take cover at the bottom and shoot out the remaining guys.

- If you have a good getaway guy your ride will be waiting. If you don't… you'll have to wait a little while, and put up with police involvement. Hold out until your guy shows, then hop in.

- Drive the truck to any members of your crew who weren't following you. This might require driving up the stairs of the FIB building.

- Lose the cops. This could well be the hardest part of the mission. Your van is not that swift, and though you'll have gunmen hanging out the back, you'll need some fancy driving to get away - and Franklin's not available to drive. I recommend finding somewhere underground, and fast, to lose the police that are after you. Just driving around the city is suicidal. A bridge can also work for a hiding spot, but only if you manage to get to it undetected.

Gold Medal Completion

No Innocents - Don't kill any civilians during the mission. This includes the paramedic in the building, as well as anyone else who doesn't fight back. This may prove especially tricky while you careen through the streets.

Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with headshots. You have many, many opportunities to do this while holding off the guys near the server room.

Accuracy - Finish the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Easy with auto aim; just don't fire blindly in the darkened areas that are on fire.

Hacker - Hack the system in 45 seconds. Not that difficult with a good hacker and some foreknowledge of what you're doing.

Mission Time - Complete the mission within 19:00. This very much hinges on now taking too long to escape the police. You'll have a difficult time getting this if you cheap out on the driver.

Perfect Drop - Land perfectly on the main section of the roof. In other words, aim for the big, black set of windows in the center of the FIB building's roof.


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