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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Third Way

Updated on October 4, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: Franklin's house

Unlocked After: The Big Score

Franklin can't do it. He can't abandon his friends, his comrades, his allies-in-theft, not after all they've been through. The trio has made some mean enemies, though, so... what's to be done? No less, of course, than taking those enemies out. Permanently. Prepare for the ultimate coupe de grace as Franklin, Michael, and Trevor set out to rid the world of the guys who've plagued them for the entire game, Grand Theft Auto style.

- Head to Franklin's house. The waypoint is inside.

- You'll now have a choice as to your path through the next mission. Choose 'Deathwish' to get this mission.

- Head to Lester's house. Watch the cut scene.

- Head to Lamar's house to pick him up. He's waiting at the side of the road.

- Head to the foundry. Find Michael and Trevor inside. Watch the cut scene.

- Now you're in position. Wait for the Merryweather troops to get inside, then start firing. Stick to Franklin during the initial volley, wiping out the guys below. Their weapons really hurt, so you'll want to only stay up as long as absolutely necessary.

- Swap to Michael when you hear mention of guys on the catwalks above. After that, jump to Trevor to ambush the squads that come in near the entrance. They like to hide, so explosives aren't a terrible idea.

- Back to Franklin. Lamar's in trouble outside. Run along the outside of the area, past where Michael's hiding and back outside. You'll run into some small resistance on the way, but nothing bad. Be sure to grab the Health Kit on the wall as you're leaving. Once outside, provide some support to Lamar.

- Jump to Michael again. Kill the guys on the ground, then cross the floor, just as you did with Franklin, to find Trevor. Kill the guys who pop up on the way with Michael's special ability, as you will probably be exposed and shouldn't waste time. You'll find Trevor behind a concrete barrier. Join him in firing on the guys who appear. Once they're gone, follow him to the rear exit. Keep firing on the guys back here. Bring out Grenades when the jeeps show up.

- Three way battle. Use all of your characters to wipe out the Merryweather Mercs. Trevor should wipe out the chopper that appears; otherwise, let all three join in on non-specific fun. Use Grenades to wipe out jeeps and general gunfire for single soldiers.

- Head to the waypoint when they're all gone.

Time for some fun. You have four targets to take out; best get to work.


Stretch is pretty easy. Head to the rec center marked on the map and park in the alleyway across the street. Pull out a Sniper Rifle and aim for the guy in the white shirt; everyone else is gathered around him. Once Stretch is dead, wait for a Ballas car to show up and flee. Lead it well away from the rest of the Ballas, find a spot to get out, and demolish the guys following you. Shouldn't be any trouble after the first part of the mission.

Steve Haines

Head out to the pier marked on the map. Haines is doing a TV segment in the ferris wheel. Bring the truck down onto the beach, then target the ferris wheel. As it's coming down you'll be able to see Haines talking away to his cameraman. Peg him then. Once he's down, get in your truck and flee from the cops. Go down the beach and they won't be able to catch you before giving up.

Wei Cheng

Head for the hotel on the east side of the map. Wei Cheng is just getting into a car out front, accompanied by two trucks full of gunmen. The easiest way by far to complete this assassination is to pull up in front of the cars, activate Franklin's special ability, toss three Sticky Bombs on the cars before they can move, and wait for them to leave. Once they do, detonate. Boom. If this fails you'll have to chase Cheng down, and that's not nearly as fun.

Devin Weston

Over to Trevor. Drive up to the front gates and you'll see that his place is well-protected. You can either move through the grounds, killing guys quietly, or you can begin a psycho shootout and plow them down with Trevor's special ability. Either way, head for the pool in the rear once you've killed everyone else. Once Devin's secure, drive him out to the coast in his car. Enjoy the ending!

Gold Medal Completion

Time - Complete within 21:30. Sounds easy, isn't. You have a lot to do in these missions. Move quickly during the attack in the foundry, and don't look for really creative solutions to the assassinations. Get the job done as quickly as you can.

Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with headshots. So… many… targets…

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Auto aim really helps here, especially when you're shooting in the dark.

Slick, Tick… Boom! - Kill Cheng with a Sticky Bomb. It's the easiest way to end him, so, why not.

Lead Lobotomy - Kill Steve Haines with a headshot. Be careful, here - any kind of shot will bring him low. Aim specifically for the head.

Stretched Out - Kill Stretch with a melee attack. This is the most dangerous of the lot, as Stretch is surrounded by Ballas. Pull out a Knife, charge in, take him down quick, then switch to an automatic and start firing. Alternatively, take out some of the other Ballas before you charge at Stretch.


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