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Grand Theft Auto V Online: What Safe Houses or Garages To Buy? (Best Los Santos Homes)

Updated on October 22, 2013

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GTA V Apartments and Garages

Grand Theft Auto V Online allows you to purchase safe houses and garages. The garages can be used to store your cars. Safe houses allow you to change your clothes, take showers, watch TV, smoke, drink alcohol, and protect you from other players. You can also invite your friends or other players on Grand Theft Auto V to your apartment. Players can buzz your door and you can let them in. The cell phone can be used to invite players to your apartment. When you load GTA V, you will automatically spawn in your safe house. Only 1 safe house or Garage can be maintained at a time. However, if you have a safe house, a garage will come with it. Some have better garages, though. The more expensive apartments in GTA V will have a 10 car garage!

What Safe Houses or Garages to buy in Grand Theft Auto Online?

Safe houses are very important in the world of GTA V. While they are not absolutely necessary, they can protect you from other players in free roam. Many players in GTA V seem to kill you for no apparent reason (even if you have no bounty on you). At least this is what I and my friends experienced. What is nice about owning an apartment is that you spawn inside when loading GTA 5 online. This eliminates the worry of getting killed by other players and losing money when joining initially.

There are many ways to earn cash in GTA V, however, Rockstar keeps updating the game and many missions are rewarding less money. In the long run, it's much better to buy a safe house with a 10 car garage, but if you do not have the patience or money then you can just purchase a garage. Do not worry, though, you can sell the garage and buy a safe house later.


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It's important to note that the most expensive apartments in Grand Theft Auto Online look the same as some of the cheaper ones. The Eclipse Towers ($400,000) are the most expensive, but look the same inside as any apartment above 200,000. The main difference is the view you see out the window and the location of the apartment in Los Santos. Safe houses less than $200,000 are smaller inside and do not have 10 car garages. The cheapest home is Rockford Hills Los Santos Apt 13. This one costs $80,000 and has a 2 car garage.

If you just want a nice safe house with a 10 car garage, save your cash until you can buy the Apt 7 - Del Perro, Los Santos one. This one costs 200,000. There are a few more that cost slightly more than this, but that is the cheapest one with a 10 car garage that also has a larger interior.


How To Buy Safe Houses/Garages in Grand Theft Auto Online

Dynasty8 Real Estate

In order to buy real estate in GTA V online, you have to go up to the sign in front of the building and confirm the purchase. You can use the internet on your phone and go to "Dynasty8 Real Estate" to see the list of homes available. There are descriptions of the home (some hilarious) and a marker displaying the location. You can actually have a GPS location of the house sent to your mini-map so you can visit the apartments location. This is good if you want to see what the place looks like before purchasing. You can not actually tour the inside, however.

Selling Dynasty8 Real Estate

If you decide to buy a more expensive apartment on Dynasty8 Real Estate at a later date, then you can sell your current garage or safe house. Note that you can only sell it if you have enough cash to purchase the more expensive one first. You will then get half the money (50%) of the original home/garage once you make confirmation of the new place. The option to sell the old place will be available when going up to the sign of the new place you wish to buy.

Lost Santos Apartments only?

In Grand Theft Auto Online, apartments can only be bought in the Los Santos city. You can not purchase any outside the city. However, there are a few garages in the county of San Andreas.


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