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Grandia 2 a rpg never forgotten

Updated on January 30, 2012

Stunning music by Noriyuki Iwadare, a song that will make any one happy!

Grandia 2 a rpg never forgotten

One of the best Role playing games of our time has amazing graphics and even more a stunning story line that will send chills down your spine and tears to your eyes. Offered originally for the dreamcast has then be remade for the playstation 2 console and it is delight that this has happened. Grandia 2 follows a geohound named Ryudo and his partner a bird named Skye who venture down a path that excites the youngest gamer. Grandia 2 is set in a time where there we're two gods, Granas the god of light, and Valmar the god of darkness. A long time ago there was a battle between good and evil (sound familiar) in which they fought for a long long time, finally meeting face to face Granas sealed different pieces of Valmar around the world. Later you find out that the seals are broken and Valmar begins to take possession of different villagers in many beautiful stunning villages. Ryudo is requested as a geohound to escort Elena another main character to a ceremony in a tower in which you first get to witness the seal of Valmar is broken. Ryudo then begins his journey with Elena who became possessed by the wings of Valmar to visit the pope to explain what has happened in the tower. A long the way you meet with characters that you are allowed to play with such as Mareg a beast, Roan a prince, Tio a robot who was possessed by the claws of Valmar and Millenia the wings of Valmar herself. The gameplay is amazing with special cinematic attacks and the ability to posses what they call eggs for magic. The story line is incredible and will leave you unable to put the controller down, giving it the title one of the best must have RPG'S of this lifetime.

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