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Farmville Tips & Secrets

Updated on November 16, 2016

Farmville Hints for Facebook Farmers

Have you become addicted to Farmville? Obsessed, even? too. It's such a fun facebook game to relieve stress here and there on breaks from daily life. Just don't let yourself get too addicted!!!!

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The following are some basic tips and not so secret secrets that should help you become the best facebook farmviller farmer you can be !

1. Focus on time when planting crops

Make sure that when you choose which crops you want to plant you know you will be able to harvest them in time as otherwise it is a waste of farmville coins and sets you back. If you plant crops that will be ready to harvest in three hours, but you won't be back for another 10 hours, choose a crop that takes more time to harvest!

2. Focus on crops not fences

Fences and houses look really great on your farm. You may see other farmers' fancy acres and want your own farm to look that cool. Don't get carried away with decorating your farm at first, however, as decorations use up farmville coins and land that you could be using to make more coins! Decorations will never return the same profit as crops. Keep this in mind!!

3. Focus on Land Whenever You Can

Land = $ in the world of farming - virtual or real life. If you have the farmville coins to buy more land, just do it! The more crops you are able to plant, the more coins you can make, the wealthier you become!

4. Focus on Buying Crops At first

Animals, trees, and decorations are a really fun part of the farmville game..... that being said, they are not the path to getting rich quick. Crops are the highest yielding investment you can make in farmville. Focus on planting crops until you build up your farmville empire.

5. Focus on Farmville Neighbors To Earn More Farmville Coins!

Neighbors, in real life and in farmville, are very helpful to us. In farmville, they give us gifts which we can then sell for coins and they give us the opportunity to help them for a few extra coins. The more connected you are in farmville, the wealthier you will become. So, go be friendly!

6. Focus on Earning Achievement Ribbons

Achievement ribbons on farmville are really an excellent way to make extra coins quickly. Check out the current achievement ribbons and see how you can go about earning them, one by one!


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