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Great Free Roaming Games Part 2

Updated on September 2, 2011

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Oblivion has to be by far one of the greatest free roaming games ever made. It was praised quite well with good ratings from numerous sources. There are just so many places to travel to on Oblivion. Large cities inhabited with civilians, stores, guilds, and more. The player can choose to go wherever he wants. Tons of quests can be found through out the land. Besides the large cities which are the main areas, you have caves, temples, and other underground structures. The cities do not need to be found, but the smaller areas such as caves have to be in order for them to be marked on your map. The land itself is beautiful and remarkable. Running into animals, bandits, and other various possible enemies is common.

The game has a day and night system and a weather system. This adds very good atmosphere locations in the game will always look different. Oblivion has so many quests that are available to the player. It offers miscellaneous, main quests, download content quests, and guilds. Many quests will lead you to new locations within the game. Other than the main cities some farms, and small towns can also be found within the land. Motels can also be found on your adventure to sleep during your travels. Oblivion is a game that really portrays a renaissance like era well.  You have the option to going where ever you want during the game whenever you want to.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is made by the same developers from Oblivion. It has the same game engine, but the game is set in a future post apocalyptic era. The game also has guns which can be used as well as some melee weapons. Fall out 3 did a very good job of making it feel like a destroyed land. It has very good free roaming elements, but the land has less areas then Oblivion did. It only has a few main cities in which one of them can be destroyed. Other locations include small towns, miscellaneous buildings, metro systems(a lot of them), and other various areas. Fall out 3 does does do a good job of making a destoryed land, but some locations are just not as valuable as Oblivion was. The land in Fallout 3 is much more dangerous though. Running into bandits and dangerous creatures is much more common. The player must scavenge the land in order to survive.

The quests are quite long, but there are not as many as Oblivion offered. The quests,however, may feel like multiple quests due to there length though. Fall out 3 is definitely similar to Oblivion, but in a futuristic way. In my opinion though, more cities should of been available in the game.


Borderlands is another great free roaming game, but this game is cooperative. Unlike fallout 3 and oblivion which are only single player. Borderlands uses artistic cartoon animation in its graphics engine. Similar to what crackdown looks like. It has a bit of a cartoon style look to it. This game has lands that may remind you of fall out due to its wastelands. Various towns and cities are in the game, but this time you can venture with friends. The player can find tons of guns though. This is one of the best features of borderlands. There are just so many guns that can be find throughout the land of Borderlands. Borderlands has good game play, but may not be as compelling as fallout 3s stories. Borderlands is made primarily for its first person game play elements and the ability to bring friends when you venture the lands....


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    • profile image

      Will 6 years ago

      Good article but there were just the right amount of cities in fallout 3, remember, fallout 3 was supposed to take u to a different world where mankind was on the brink of complete collapse. So when u think about it, would it make sense to have cities all over the Map? Of course not cause then it wouldn't feel like a post-apocalyptic world

    • evvy_09 profile image

      evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL

      I love Oblivion and always find new stuff to do. I started a new game with a magic only character, something I don't normally use very much. Voted up!