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Great New Summer Beach Toys for Kids 2012

Updated on May 11, 2012

Beach Toys for Toddlers

I just love the nice weather but nothing makes a day at the beach or a day on vacation better than when your kids are occupied and you can just relax while they play with beach toys that you brought.

Their are so many to choose from and I want to show you my favorites and alot of these are new releases so they have all the best toys with the most variety for kids.

Kids Beach Bags

Their are tons of different beach bags for kids out their and some of my favorites are the themed beach bags. Their is a Spiderman beach bag that includes everything from buckets, sifters, shovels and more and it's all spiderman themed.

Theirs also Dora the Explorer that has similar and its all dora themed as well as princess bags with princess themed items and many more to the right is my favorite 4.

Don't wait until your at the beach to want to get one then the price you pay or the quality you get is going to suffer. At the beach if you were to buy these the price will double.

International Playthings Sandmill Dump Truck Set

  • 9 piece set with variety
  • Two buckets stack together to form a sandmill that empties into the dump truck
  • Also includes spinner wheel, rake and shovel
  • Perfect for beach or sandbox play now make your beach day a blast

Beach Set for Kids

Then this set is just your basic generic beach set like we use to have when we were kids and I remember I loved mine and still have it for my kids. It includes the best of beach toys for your kids.

  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Hand sifter
  • Buckets
  • Sand molds
  • Watering Can


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