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The Best Kid's Snow Toys

Updated on July 31, 2012

The Best Snow Toys to Beat Winter Blues

Winter in a snowy area can be tough with young, energetic children. The playgrounds are closed, the backyard swing set buried, and the driveway too covered in ice to ride a bike. Finding unique, fun winter toys can be difficult - especially in local big box stores. By the time winter sets in, the stores have often changed the seasonal merchandise to Spring items: the sleds and snow shoes are nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, winter snow toys can always be found online, as online retailers do not change their stock on a seasonal basis. The best outdoor winter toys run off energy, provide a lot of entertainment value, and are durable enough to last for more than one winter.

I Need Snow Toys!

Toy Snow Shovels

A snow shovel for kids? It sounds more "chore" than "play," but kids absolutely love pushing the snow around on the driveway. A quality snow shovel will allow kids to pretend to be grown-up, and the driveway might get cleared in the process! Children ages 2-5 will enjoy a toy snow shovel the most - older kids might catch on that the process is more of an assigned chore than a game.

Snow Castle Building Toy

Think that castles only belong on sandy shores? Think again! With a snow castle building set, kids can create the snow fort of their dreams. Flexible Flyer makes a great snow castle kit, which will keep kids busy for several hours in the great outdoors. This toy is excellent for kids ages 3 and up, and can be used in several ways. Younger children can simply make snow bricks and simple structures, and older kids can make massive snow forts for those unending snowball wars.

Snow Dinosaur and Snow Bear Kits

Sure, sure... everyone has a snowman in the front yard. But do they have a snow dinosaur? Kids will have a blast creating and designing a ferocious addition to the snow family! Toy Zone offers several snow creature building kits that are sure to delight the entire neighborhood. These kits are enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, and are a unique Christmas gift idea for kids.

The Snofling in Action

Win the Snowball War with SnoFling

Does little Timmy have you pinned down under a torrent of snowball fire? Don't run: fight back with a snowball launcher! Snofling makes a snowball maker/thrower which creates the perfectly packed snowball. The snowball launcher includes a horn whistle to warn the other participants in the snowball war. As a side bonus, the launcher can be used to rapidly create snowballs for active dogs who like to chase them!

This wonderful (and very inexpensive) snowball maker and launcher keeps hands warm and kids engaged for hours.

The Zipfly Luge: Best Sled on the Hill

Our four year old son takes a ride on his Zipfly mini-luge. This sled is fast, fun, and steerable!
Our four year old son takes a ride on his Zipfly mini-luge. This sled is fast, fun, and steerable! | Source

The Best Snow Sled

Sleds are fun, but luges are awesome. The kids on the local sledding hill will be standing in line, waiting for a turn on your Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge. This sled is lightning fast, durable, and gives a unique ride down the hill. Adults will enjoy this one as much as the kids! Official reports state that this luge is best for children ages 5 and up, but our four year old received one for Christmas and absolutely loves it.

The Zipfly is fast, but kids can also steer it. While the mini-luge looks small, it fits children quite well. Adults can use it, too, though it acts more as a "bum board" type sled for grown-ups. It is fast and steerable, which makes it a great deal of fun for everyone involved. Our entire family took this sled out the day after Christmas and had an absolute blast with it - we now have to buy a second one, because both of our sons want to use the sled. This is our favorite snow sled so far, and possibly the best (affordable) one person sled on the market.

Dinosaur Snow Shoes

One of the great wonders of wintertime is looking at all the animal tracks through the snow. People will stop and wonder at the dinosaur tracks created by the Dino kids snowshoes! These snowshoes are adjustable to fit growing kid feet, and let the little guys go for a hike with Mom and Dad. Another wonderful Christmas gift idea for kids in snowy areas, these snow shoes will delight preschoolers.

My four year old owns these snowshoes, and they work quite well. The straps move with the child's foot, which makes walking fairly easy. The plastic shoes are also large enough to float on top of soft snow, and my preschooler loves making "monster tracks" in the snow drifts!

Inflatable Snow Fort

Kids love clubhouses, and a shelter from the winter wind (and flying snowballs) makes playing in the great outdoors even better on a snowy day. The Aviva Sports Arctic Bunker lets kids create their North Pole fantasies in the frozen yard, and gives little ones a place to hide out from the Great Snowball War. The best part about the snow fort is that it deflates for storage over the summer.

A Great Snow Scooter

Pelican Snow Scooter

My six year old on his Pelican Snow Scooter. He is allowed to use it on gentle slopes, like this one in our backyard..
My six year old on his Pelican Snow Scooter. He is allowed to use it on gentle slopes, like this one in our backyard.. | Source

Snow Scooter

Miss the excitement of zipping along on a scooter? Don't let winter interfere with fun: get the Pelican Flame Snow Scooter and zip down the sledding hill. This toy is unique in design and is like a snowboard with a folding handle. There are also non-slip foot grips to help keep children centered on the board. I have a six year old who really loves his snow scooter (he has a similar space-designed snow scooter, also made by Pelican).

These scooters are great for very gentle slopes or small hills, but tend to crash forward on bigger sledding hills. We only allow our son to use his scooter on the driveway or on our tiny slope in the backyard, because it cannot catch an edge or maintain any level of control. This scooter is extremely fun for backyard play, but don't expect to use it on the local sledding hill.

Coolest Sled on the Hill

Snow Bike

For those who want to really impress their friends at the sledding hill, the Stiga Snow Racer fits the bill. This snow bike is a bit pricey, but features a steerable, durable, and fast ride down the sledding hill. Stiga doesn't publish official weight limits, but customer reviews report adults over 200 pounds using the snow bike without any problems. The minimum recommended age is three years, though the toy is probably better suited to the elementary school age set.

The skis on this snow bike are twin-tipped, so riders can perform stunts and go down the hill backwards. This sled also features a braking system - a big plus in the safety department!


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      Leah Lefler 6 years ago from Western New York

      I am glad it was helpful! Love you, Mom! :-D

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      Great site and creative ideas for Christmas gift ideas.