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Great Xbox Live Arcade Games Part 2- Awesomenauts

Updated on September 3, 2012

Great Xbox Live Arcade Games

In this Series i will go over my favourite games on the Xbox Live Arcade. Some of the games will be new, some will be old but they will all be amazing.


Awesomenauts is a great 2D side scrolling MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game which only costs 800 microsoft points and is not too dissimilar to League of Legends, an amazing and popular game for the PC. If you enjoy other MOBAs such as League of Legends then you will almost certainly enjoy this game and will have tons of fun with it. Within my first 3 weeks of buying the game I had invested 36 hours into it and was 1st Prestige and rank 45, which is the maximum rank. I would definitely advise getting at least one friend to play it with you as online matches will become very difficult when against a team of players who are talking to each other.

Solar Drills

There is no real story line to Awesomenauts except for the fact that it is far in the future, the year 3587. Reds and Blues are in a constant stalemate against each other as they battle to destroy drills which are digging to the planets core to mine Solar, the main resource. This stale mate is ended, however, when soldiers are called in from both sides. These soldiers are called Awesomenauts and have been tasked with destroying everything Blue or Red, depending on what side you are working for and eventually destroy the Solar Drill to gain victory over the opposition.

In a Game of Awesomenauts...

In each individual game of Awesomenauts you and two other Awesomenauts have to destroy the Solar Drill of the opposition. To do this you must level up you character and buy upgrades by gaining Solar which can be collected by killing anything, certain upgrades, or waiting over time. Once you have bought upgrades and are strong then you and you team mates can make a push on the turrets, probably one at a time. Whenever you destroy a turret you get a big droid who can help you push. Somewhere on both maps there are neutral critters who die very easily and give a you a nice heath bonus. If low on health kill these. The Red and Blue droids, although they are not very powerful, once inside the turrets radius they gain a shield. This just increases their health a lot and you can use these a a meat shield against the turrets blows making destroying turrets much easier. On each map the turret layout is different but you need to destroy at least two turrets to reach the base.

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Level Up

As you complete matches you will level up your main Awesomenauts profile. On level 2 you gain the load out so you can choose your own choice of abilities from a selection rather than just the ones given to you by the game. Then, at further levels you gain abilities that can be universal or specific to certain characters. It makes for quite unique customisation and even just choosing which order to get the abilities in can be quite difficult.


I would rate this game a 9/10 as, without friends it can get boring but it has great game play and, from a 2D Side Scrolling MOBA, gives you surprisingly great fun.

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