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Great Expectations for "Evil Within 2"

Updated on September 4, 2017

Everything Sebastian thought he knew about his daughter's tragic death is a lie...

Three years after the events of the main game and the downloadable licensed content including Juli Kidman's story, Detective Sebastian Castellanos has lost everything in the wake of the events in the first game. Alcoholism has taken his career and his wife after the tragic loss of their daughter, Lily in a house fire.

On the case of a serial killer in a mental hospital, Sebastian wages war with twisted monsters and the ghosts of collective victim;s pasts inside the Stem Machine emerging battered and mentally scarred.

Now Juli Kidman calls to Sebastian again telling him the worst possible truth- everything he knows about the death of his daughter is a lie and Sebastian must go back into a dark and macabre subconscious of his daughter as she is hunted through various nightmare-like realities to save her.

What we know so far about the game play from Bethesda's website many of the game mechanics are similar including a form yet to be announced in game play trailers of the upgrade "brain gel", which in the first game was collected by burning the bodies of fallen enemies, killing a boss, or hidden in the environment of the levels.The brain gel is used to upgrade weapons and unlock skill sets and abilities for Sebastian.

The game is also said by early reviewers at E3 to have more open world concepts and a hub area in the town of Union. similar to the hospital where Sebastian kept returning to save the game and upgrade his abilities and weapons in the first game.

This hub area is a welcome approach to many a weary gamer, like myself that had to restart levels in the original title realizing mid-way through the first title in levels like "The Keeper", you may not need the exact amount of ammo for a weapon that would dispatch a boss at the end of a chapter. Especially in the case of "The Keeper" chapter beginning the first encounter directly after a cut scene, leaving you unable to equip a weapon.

The Evil Within 2 will be released on October 13.


The Evil Within sales

Selling 1.8 million units alone on Playstation 4, The Evil Within fans are ready for a new main game and to survive the evils of The Stem machine again.

The first game as well as its sequel are also available on PC and Xbox.

Best horror titles

Resident Evil (excluding 4-6, and including HD remasters and 0 and 7
Outlast (first title only)
Silent Hill (main titles 1-3)
Layers of Fear
Dead Space
Alien: Isloation
With more great games than can ever be named released in the horror genre, here is just some honorable mentions worth a second or twelfth playthrough

Three headed woman video by Bethesda

Bethesda announcement trailer

Preview by Playstation Access

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The Evil Within

Did you finish The Evil Within

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Pre order The Evil Within 2

Bethesda offers a pre order package for The Evil Within 2 featuring The Last Chance pack including:

A exclusive burst handgun which uses handgun bullets that can be found in the game environment or crafted.

Crafting supplies

Additional medical supplies

Pre orders for The Evil Within 2 can be found in the Playstation and Xbox store as well as pre order hard copies through various relators.


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