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Grenadine Farming In Order and Chaos

Updated on April 1, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

In order and chaos, grenadine drops her in Waterby Farms.
In order and chaos, grenadine drops her in Waterby Farms. | Source

Grenadine is the easiest cloth to farm in Order and Chaos.

It is used by tailors (mages and monks) during primary tailoring. It is the first cloth used by tailors.

When tailors first start out they use nothing but grenadine and yarn, which is bought from suppliers.

After a few stacks then tailors use grenadine and normal armor scraps.

Tailors use grenadine until their crafting reaches 100.

At that point tailors switch to high quality armor scraps and cotton.

Grenadine drops from all humanoids in Arcadian Forest. If it walks on two legs it drops grenadine.

There are four main areas where this beginning cloth drops at a decent rate. Most enemies who do them are human, but there are many goblins who drop them, too.

Some places are better than others, but because of server population and events you might need alternative location.

I am not going into every location. I find that the closer you get to the starting village of Fallen Leaf, the less grenadine drops.

There might be other areas, I am just going to share my favorites with you.

None of these locations are in PvP zones, and are safe places to farm.

It's Your Game!

Should the first 100 points be farmed or bought?

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Waterby Farm

My favorite place to farm grenadine is Water by Farms. You can get there by teleporting to Windmill Farms in Arcadian Forest.

The entire area south and west of town are filled with enemies who drop grenadine. They also have a nice drop rate for normal armor scraps.

Remember to keep the normal armor scraps for use in your begging tailoring.

It is easy to get there, just leave town to the south.

You will see the following enemies:

  • Waterby Angry Mob - level 8
  • Greedy Mercenary - level 7
  • Waterby Footman - level 7
  • Waterby Archers - level 7
  • Waterby Blacksmith - level 8
  • Sigeweapon Carpenter - level 8

Goblin who drops grenadine.
Goblin who drops grenadine. | Source

Northwest of Silence North of River

There is a grassy area to the northwest of Silence. In this zone there are goblins, and a human camp.

Both the humans and goblins drop grenadine. They are lower level, so faster to kill.

Even a level 70 monk can whack these things with their staff to kill them.

The humans are over a hill near some goblins at an overturned wagon.

There are no other impressive drops, other than normal armor scraps.

Grenadine drops from the following mobs:

  • Goblin Raider - level 5
  • Goblin Macemen - level 6
  • Ravens' Head Bandits - level 8

Grenadine at the mesa camp.
Grenadine at the mesa camp. | Source

The Mesa Camp

The Mesa Camp is a zone filled with humanoids.

The Mesa camp itself is filled with humans. The road to the camp is filled with goblins.

Both drop grenadine and normal armor scraps.

I like this area because not many people go here. Those that do are low level.

Make sure to be polite and farm around them while you do your quests.

The following enemies drop grenadine in the Mesa Camp and n on the road on the way there.

  • Goblin Slasher - level 7
  • Goblin Archer - level 7
  • Rock Fist - Epic Level 9
  • Stone Hand Bandit - level 7
  • Stone Hand Skirmisher - level 7
  • Porulic - Epic level 8

Grenadine near castle Woodhill.
Grenadine near castle Woodhill. | Source

East of Castle Woodhill

Castle Woodhill, and the area to the west, have tons of humans with a nice grenadine drop rate.

There is an area, just across a bridge, where farming grenadine is easy.

There is also a barn in n this spot, just to give you another landmark.

There is only one type of enemy here, but there are lots of them.

Remember, the fatter you down them, the fattest they respawn.

The enemy that drops grenadine is:

  • Sharpdagger Bandits - level 7

Grenadine and Normal Armor Scrap Video

Events and Farming

Events are special jobs that players can do to try to win cool stuff.

I am very impressed with the events. Most farming events are now rewarding players with 100 point crafting Tablets.

You can buy 100 point slabstones with runes in the nick shop, if your having trouble farming mats or winning events.

I think everyone should have the experience farming crafting.

At the same time, it can get frustrating. Lots of players buy the slabstones, so it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Very few people fully farm crafting. I do think it is easy to farm the first 100 points, which can save you some money.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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