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Grim Dawn: Basic Blade Master Build Guide

Updated on May 26, 2017
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Is a Resource Speaker, AI Thinker, Linux System Administrator, Computer Programmer, and Appreneur.

Blade Master is the combine mastery of Soldier and Night Blade. It’s an assassin build that specializes in finishing off enemies as quickly as possible.

Since this build works like your typical RPG Assassin, it focuses on dealing deadly amount of damage to quickly kill enemies. Speaking of the word deadly, pierce damage that ignores armor is the right choice for this build.

Copyright, Crate Entertainment
Copyright, Crate Entertainment


Physique – Put some points here until you meet the requirement for desired armors.

Cunning – Invest 70% to 80% of your stat here depending on the amount you put elsewhere. This will increase your physical, pierce, and internal trauma damage.

Spirit – Put some points here until you meet the requirements for desired jewels.


Crossroads – For requirements only, unlearn this once you have the necessary prerequisite so that you can use the Devotion Points elsewhere.


Assassin’s Blade – Assassin’s Mark decreases your enemies resistance to both physical and pierce damage.

Blades of Nadaan



Crab – Arcane Barrier offers some nice protection against Elemental, Aether, and Chaos.


Assassin – Blades of Wrath releases projectiles that deals pierce damage.

Unknown Soldier – Living Shadows lets you summon multiple assassins that deals pierce and bleeding damage. The Living Shadows scales with your player damage bonuses. How cool is that!

Oleron – Another skill in the name of Oleron but this time, it is in a form of constellation. Oleron grants you skill called Blind Fury that has chance to weaken and deal damage overtime to your enemies.



Cadence (16 Skill Points)

This is your basic attack skill letting your deal massive damage on 3rd strike. No questions ask.

Fighting Form (1 Skill Point)

Putting a single point in Fighting Form grants your cadence the ability to hit multiple enemies in front of you. I don’t recommend wasting more points here. Just let your items level up this skill.

Deadly Momentum (12 Skill Points)

Once the skill activates, it increases your pierce, physical, bleeding, and internal trauma damage.

Field Command (1 Skill Point)

Just spend single point here to unlock Squad Tactics.

Squad Tactics (12 Skill Points)

The best upgrade that you can give to your Field Command. Squad Tactics provides massive boost to your All Damage.

Decorated Soldier (8 Skill Points)

Passively increases your Physical and Internal Trauma damage. The bonus Elemental Resistance is also helpful especially on higher difficulty where there are penalties for resistance.

Oleron’s Rage (12 Skill Points)

Your ultimate exclusive skill. Oleron’s Rage basic purpose is to increase the pierce damage of your Blade Spirit making it deadlier.

Night Blade

Dual Blades (16 Skill Points)

Basically, you need this passive skill to grant your Blademaster the ability to dual wield 1 hand weapons. But don’t forget that Dual Blades also increases pierce and cold damage. Your Blade Spirit is really happy about this.

Shadow Strike (1 Skill Point)

Put one point here for sake of quickly moving from one enemy to another. Thank me later for suggesting it.

Anatomy of Murder (12 Skill Points)

This passive skill increases your cunning and lets you deal more damage to humans. It also boost your bleeding damage.

Execute (8 Skill Points)

Your ultimate passive skill. Execute lets you kill enemies quickly.

Blade Spirit (16 Skill Points)

Your ultimate active skill. What I love about this skill is that it lets you finish off hard to beat bosses. Just spam Blade Spirit whenever it is available then move away from that enemy boss.

Below are the passive skills where you can put your remaining skills points. I suggest you stop at level 1 then let the + to skill point items increase it so that you can learn more skills.

Markovian’s Advantage

Zolhar’s Technique

Fighting Spirit

Scars of Battle

Belgothian’s Shears

Amarasta’s Quick Cut

Whirling Death

Phantasmal Armor

This basic guide is just for your reference. In the end, you make your own build variants.

- Arc

© 2017 Arc Sosangyo


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