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Grim Dawn: Demolitionist only Build Guide

Updated on May 26, 2018
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This may not be the most powerful Demolitionist (it’s really hard for me to spell this class) build, but it is good enough to hold you until higher difficulty. Yes, the build is designed for beginners who choose Demolitionist as class in Grim Dawn.

Playing this build is also very basic. Activate first your Flame Touched and Vindicative Flame. Use Fire Strike as your normal attack, then throw Stun Jacks every now and then. Simple right?

Copyright Crate Entertainment
Copyright Crate Entertainment


Cunning is your primary attribute here so that you can wear the best pistols, rifles or crossbows in the game. When you have enough cunning for weapon requirements, put everything on spirit.

Invest the major attribute points in Spirit since you deal lots Elemental Damage.

Of course, do not forget to also put some points in Physique.

Recommended Devotions:

Below are the recommended Constellations that I believe suits well for this build.




Chariot of the Dead


Rhowan’s Crown


Ulzuin’s Torch

Recommended Skills:

Demolitionist Mastery (50 Skill Points)

You need to max it out in order to unlock the required skills for this build.

Fire Strike (12 Skill Points)

Use this as your default weapon attack. Normal attack is your bread and butter in this build.

Explosive Strike (12 Skill Points)

This modifier gives additional damage capability via Weapon Damage, chance of Physical Damage, and Burn Damage.

Static Strike (12 Skill Points)

Now this modifier adds chance of Lightning Damage, Percentage to Fire Damage, and Chance of Knocking down target.

Brimstone (12 Skill Points)

And yes, the modifier doesn’t end there. We still have something extra modification to make your default weapon damage more powerful. Brimstone adds both Fire Damage and Chaos Damage to your Fire Strike. Your attacks also hit multiple enemies via fragments.

Stun Jacks (16 Skill Points)

The main function of this skill is for crowd control. Use it stun your enemies, preventing them from harming you.

Did I also mention that this skill also deals Physical and Lightning Damage.

Full Spread (12 Skill Points)

Modifier for you Stun Jacks that lets it deal more damage. Full Spread also adds more jacks so that you can hit more enemies.

Flame Touched (12 Skill Points)

This is one of your typical toggled ability that basically boost Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, and Burn Damage. Another good thing about this skill is that your allies will also benefit from it.

Temper (12 Skill Points)

Modifier for your Flame Touched. This time, it boost Physical Damage, Pierce Damage, and Internal Trauma Damage. Temper also provides some defensive bonus.

Vindicative Flame (16 Skill Points)

Another toggled ability that basically gives Fire Damage, Physical Damage, and Chance to Stun.

Ulzuin’s Wrath (12 Skill Points)

This modifier lets you strike multiple enemies with Fire and Lightning. It also provides chance to Knockdown or Slow enemies Attack.

Blast Shield (12 Skill Points)

Who says Demolitionist doesn’t have any good defensive skill. Blast Shield can protect you enough from harm until you can get back to safety.

Ulzuin’s Chosen (10 Skill Points)

Your ultimate skill to further power up your Stun Jacks.

Where to put remaining skill points?

Below are the different options you can choose from:

Searing Might (3 Skill Points)

Invest in this modifier for Fire Strike if you are planning to use 2 Handed Range Weapon instead of Dual Pistols.


Markovian’s Advantage

Although it procs by chance, this passive skill can be a great addition to your damage potential.

Zolhan’s Technique

Just like Markovian’s Advantage, but this one has a different effect.


Inner Focus

This one boost your Spirit which is really good in increasing Elemental Damage.

Arcane Will

This one can give you a sudden damage boost every time your health drops on a certain threshold.


Solael’s Witchfire

Choose this skill if you want to add Vitality Damage and Attack Speed to your arsenal.

Item Stats Priority:

Below are your stats priority for items:

Weapon Damage

+ to Demolitionist Skill


Fire Damage

Lightning Damage


Offensive Ability

Physical Damage

Piercing Damage

Attack Speed

Life Leech

Critical Damage


© 2017 Arc Sosangyo


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