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Grim Dawn: Skill Guides for Speed Level Build

Updated on January 18, 2018
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Copyright Crate Entertainment
Copyright Crate Entertainment

One good thing about Grim Dawn is that you have a chance to re-assign your skill points. This means that if you want to level up fast, you can first build your character for speed leveling during early game, then re-assign your skills later.

Now to make things clear, the effectivity of speed level builds on this article is from character level 1 to around 40.

What makes a skill good for speed leveling?

Below are the guideline that we should consider for offensive skills:

- Availability on starting levels (between level 1 to 10).

- Damage it can deal (obviously).

- How many enemies it can hit or Area of Effect.

- How often can you use the skill?

- Range. The longer the range, the better.

- Cheap energy consumption.

Here are for non-offensive skills:

- Availability on starting levels (between level 1 to 10).

- Increases movement speed.

- Buffs your damage.

- Lets you recover health or energy.

Soldier Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Soldier Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Soldier skills for speed leveling

Forcewave transmuted to Tremor (You need to equip Two-handed melee weapon in order for Tremor to work). Then modify it with both Rendering Force and Internal Trauma (I’m talking about the skill and not the damage type).

To make your Forcewave even more powerful as your level goes up, you can boost it with skills such as Field Command with Squad Tactics and Decorated Soldier. Fighting Spirit is also a great addition.

Don’t forget to get Blitz even just single point. This skill lets you move quickly to enemies.

Demolitionist Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Demolitionist Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Demolitionist skills for speed leveling

Stun Jacks transmuted to Quick Jacks with Full Spread Modification.

Get Vindicative Flame for the main purpose of traveling faster and health regeneration. You may also modify it with Ulzuin’s Wrath for retaliating ranged enemies easily.

You can boost your damage more with the help of Flame Touched with Temper.

Occultist Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Occultist Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Occultist skills for speed leveling

Maxing out Summon Familiar will provide you an early advantage on both dealing damage and energy recovery. Then you can proceed with maxing out Summon Hellhound.

For your non summon skills Bloody Pox proves to be deadly even for bosses. You can also transmute the skill with Fevered Rage if you can take the risk.

You can also learn Sigil of Consumption For both damage and self preservation.

Finally, you can boost your own damage (not the pets) with Solael’s Witchfire with its modifier Second Rite.

Nightblade Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Nightblade Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Nightblade skills for speed leveling

Amarasta’s Blade Burst with Lethal Assault modifier. Then max out Night’s Chill first then Veil of Shadow for passive damage. Since you are fighting enemies in melee, having Shadow Strike is highly recommended too.

Something you should not forget is Pneumatic Burst. This skill not only heals your health but it also lets you move faster.

Arcanist Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Arcanist Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Arcanist skills for speed leveling

Olexra’s Flash Freeze lets you nuke out enemies in 16 meter range. The skill can almost cover your whole monitor screen when you execute it. Getting the modifier Absolute Zero will make this skill even more powerful. While your Olexra’s Flash Freeze is on cool down, you can deal with remaining enemies using Panetti’s Replicating Missile, plus modify it with Distortion.

For dealing with bosses, Trozan’s Sky Shard will take care of it combine with Frozen Core modifier.

Shaman Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Shaman Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Shaman skills for speed leveling

Devouring Swarm has multiple functionality. It lets you deal damage and dot (damage over time) to multiple enemies. It converts some portion of attack damage to health which can save you a lot of health potions. And lastly, it decreases enemy resistance.

Shaman has also powerful companion Summon Briarthorn. This beast can basically deal large damage, retaliate damage, and helps you recover energy faster. Investing Ground Slam modifier on this summon makes you shaman even better in speed leveling.

You can also get toggled skill Mogdrogen’s Pact that increase your health and energy recovery.

When Devouring Swarm is not enough, Wind Devil is a great addition to your arsenal.

Inquisitor Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Inquisitor Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Inquisitor skills for speed leveling

Inquisitor has the best support skills such as Word of Renewal. This multi purpose support skill not only heals life, but also increases movement speed and defenses. I also like to mention that this skill applies to your allies as well.

Let’s proceed to offensive skills, Word of Pain is a good starting skill in Inquisitor’s arsenal. It is also great in activating constellation skills such as Elemental Storm from Rhowan’s Crown or Elemental Seeker from Blind Sage. You can further increases the skill’s power by modifying it with Word of Agony and Death Sentence. Alternately, you can also use Storm Box of Elgoloth modified with Lightning Tether.

Rune of Hagarrad is your boss killer here since it can deal devastating damage. Then make it more devastating with Biting Cold modifier.

For passive skills, having Deadly Aim is a must especially if you deal a lot of critical damage.

Necromancer Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment
Necromancer Skill Tree, Copyright Crate Entertainment

Necromancer skills for speed leveling

A Necromancer can already have 3 companions on its first level up thanks to Raise Skeletons. Maxing this skill first then its modifiers Undead Legion and Will of the Crypt will make it very easy for you to speed level.

When you are done with Raise Skeletons and its modifiers, you can proceed with Summon Blight Fiend and its modifiers.

In general, your summons are enough for speed leveling. But if you want your character to cast skills, I recommend Ill Omen.

General tip on conserving energy

During early phase of playing the game, you may face energy consumption problem if you max out some offensive skills at very early levels. To prevent this problem, you need to just slowly level up skills based on energy consumption that you can sustain. Then use the other skill points on mastery bar or skill modifier. Example is during my first 10 levels as Soldier, I distribute my skill points like this:

- 6 points in Forcewave

- 1 point in Tremor

- 5 points in Rendering Force

- 15 points in Mastery Bar

Another example is during my first 10 levels as Nightblade, I distribute my skill points like this:

- 1 point in Amarasta’s Blade Burst

- 5 points in Lethal Assault

- 1 point in Veil of Shadow

- 5 points in Night’s Chill

- 15 points in Mastery Bar

Notice in above example that modifiers like Rendering Force and Lethal Assault increases the damage and effectivity of their main active skills without added energy consumption. Modifiers like this proves to be useful on early levels to increase your damage without added energy consumption.

Of course, this tip doesn’t apply to early level summoners like Occultist and Necromancer. Since you will recover your energy most of the time when needed to re-summon companions again.

Top 5 skills for speed leveling

I know that not all gamers will agree with me on this part. So for clarification, below top 5 skills are based on experience in playing the game and guidelines that was indicated in this article.

Moving forward, we will start with number 5.

Number 5: Inquisitor’s Rune of Hagarrad

A well placed Rune of Hagarrad can instantly melt down the health of bosses or any tough enemies. So if this skill can quickly kill bosses, what more for ordinary mobs.

But of course, with its power comes a downside too. And those downsides are the skill’s arming time plus it can only hit enemies in a specific pattern. So it takes some strategy to use this skill.

Number 4: Inquisitor’s Word of Pain

Another inquisitor skill in top 5. So how did it earn the number 4 spot? Here are the 4 reasons:

1. Availability on your first level up.

2. It instantly hits your intended target since the skill has no projectile animation.

3. The long duration damage of this skill provides higher chance to trigger devotion skills. Base on experience, it triggers devotion skills most of the time.

4. It deals huge damage. One cast, one kill to most enemies on your early levels.

Number 3: Arcanist’s Olexra’s Flash Freeze

On a more personal note, I really like this skill including its animation. Olexra’s Flash Freeze let’s you nuke out enemies at your early level. It is also energy consumption safe to max out this skill without worrying on how to sustain it (due to its 6 seconds cool down). Doing this can secure quick kills to group of mobs.

It is supposed to be on number 2 or 1 spot, but some mobs and most bosses are immune to this skill.

Before we proceed with the top 2. Just want you to know that both the skills in this part comes really close. It was hard for me to decide what will be on number 2 and what will be on number 1. So I did review our guidelines carefully in order to make my decision.

Number 2: Shaman’s Devouring Swarm

The number 2 spot goes to this Swiss Army Knife skill. Why do I call this the Swiss Army Knife skill? Because you can survive with only this skill in your earlier levels. Meaning, it can deal heavy damage to multiple enemies while lowering their resistance. A single cast of Devouring Swarm can wipe out lines of mob. Also, the portion of this skills damage will also heal your character. This will let you save a lot of health potions for later use.

Number 1: Necromancer’s Raise Skeletons

What makes Raise Skeletons the number one skill for speed leveling? First is its passiveness. The skeletons will do the damage for you. This will let you focus on moving to your quest and picking up items. Second is it can deal continuous massive damage to mobs and bosses. Third is that you can already have it on your first level up. And finally, you can have its full power on early levels. Meaning all of its prerequisite skill are available when you reach necromancer’s mastery bar 20.

Choose the build suited for you

I already provided the information that you needed in order to reach higher character level. Now it is up to you what build is suited to your play style. Feel free to share your own variants.

- Arc

© 2017 Arc Sosangyo


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