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Guardian DPS Armour

Updated on February 6, 2015



Armour and Runes

This is the final part of the Blind Fire build, the Armour. For this particular build it is important to use a berserker set. That is a set that focuses on power and then balances the precision and ferocity. This set is going to allow your attacks to land a critical hit over half the time. Not to mention that the critical hits will do 62% more damage then your regular attack. That huge increase in damage along with the constant fire damage leads to some insane sustained damage. The runes equipped to this armour is the Superior Runes of the Scholar. When you have all six equipped it provides you with 175 power, 100 ferocity, and a 10% damage bonus when your health is above 90%. You may be thinking, wow another 10% damage increase and I know. This damage increase with all the burning and vulnerability applied allows for some serious damage output.



Accessory's, Rings and Trinkets

Along with the Armour there is also the Accessory`s, Rings and Trinkets. Of course following the other gear in this build these Accessory`s will all be berserker stats. The jewels that are also equipped to these are exquisite ruby jewels which, are berserker jewels.

Wrap Up

So that`s everything you need to know to make your own Blind Fire build. It might not have the toughness as other guardian builds but if you're able to keep up the blind on your enemy while sustaining the DPS it shouldn't be much of a problem. This has an incredible amount of DPS for a guardian and it should be enough Damage for most fights. If you need more survivability I will be putting up another guardian build soon. It has a great amount of healing and DPS that will allow you to survive any fight and kill. I will put that build up later on. Thanks for reading. Again if you need to see the full Blind Fire build, click here.


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