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Guidance notes while checking a child's toy

Updated on March 29, 2016

You can not ban the game that can only try to pay attention and watch; however, in these cases, you should firmly recovered some toys to ensure child safety. Here are 7 things you should keep in mind when starting sorting and recovery of their children's toys:

1.Check the product specifications indicated on baby toys

On each toy are Made, manufacturer's name and the specific safety guidelines. After careful consideration, you consider whether they are trustworthy, consistent with the age and condition of their child. Maybe at first you were somewhat subjective in choosing to buy toys for children, but do not regret that because your child play with dangerous toys.

In the above case the product fails to specify the information you need to know, learn in many different media, especially via the Internet, you can access the website of the manufacturer, distributor unit to learn more about the product. This can cost you time, but so much better than sitting on your lap while keeping concerns children to play with toys or pity occur later.

2.Do not hold back the toys need to leave

If you discovered in your child's toy bins with items need to leave, please leave immediately whether your child has loved us to the matter of how. Many parents often do not throw that away and only bring the consequences of hiding the children can find them at any time.

For young children, the recall of baby toys is not that difficult; you just watch while you do not notice, and this brings toys to other places, the baby also can not remember her toys had nothing. But if your child is old enough to understand what is happening, you should not throw the toys sneak tell her that she knows the dangers that the toy that can bring. Please explain the specific, explicit and stressed that there is currently no child who was playing the same stuff again. Additionally, you can promise a toy baby on other such similar but safer for the baby bear obediently dropped his toy.

3.Throw right magnetic toys were broken or worn

Mattel and Mega Brands are two famous brand of US toys had to recall a number of magnetic toy because small magnets inside the toys can become loose and fall out. Child accidentally swallowed magnets can be blocked or intestinal perforation, serious threat to life. If your child has magnetic toys, often pay attention to check for signs of wear or damage and pay close attention when they play with these toys.

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Note to select toys for children just lovely, and secure

4. Buy toys at the production site

Many parents today tend to buy toys for children at the place of production, it is also one of the ways you can be assured of the manufacturer, the safety level of their children's toys, and more convenient in giving feedback about the quality and safety of products. Ideally, you should buy the toys have a clear brand, bought at the place of production or distribution. It will probably take more of your money, but it can ensure safety and avoid future problems for both you and baby.

5. Observation of other potential hazards

The lead-painted toys often seen as potential hazards for small children. Maybe your kids will love their toys or decorations painted vivid but be very careful when buying for children. Although this is not the kind of toys is classified as dangerous but its potential harm is so unpredictable.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to accessories baby items such as glasses, gloves, masks, costumes for role-play, choose products with safety materials from the reliable production. In fact, many seemingly innocuous product because it does not cause pain or scratches but brings the potential hazards in the future.

6. Perform health checks for your baby

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children with lead from toys can seriously affected behavioral, intellectual and learning later. Many toys have unclear origin currently contain very high amounts of lead can be dangerous for your child. If after checking and recovery of the toys so that you still worried about the health of the child, please take her to a doctor to perform the test - this test is relatively simple and quick. After getting the results, you can consult your doctor to get treatment or appropriate care.

7. Update information

As a parent, you should always learn and update information on the situation on the market toys and the dangers that medical experts recommended to the health of young children. Thus, you can prevent and treat promptly to ensure your child's safety.


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