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Guide to Torn City Crimes

Updated on June 21, 2016

Whether you're new to Torn or an old friend, everyone can use a refresher on how to get the most out of the crimes. Whether you want money, merits, goods, or all of the above, everyone in Torn City gets to participate in crimes. All you need is a Torn account and an internet connection.

Let's Get Started (on Torn Crimes)

First, go to the crimes page. If you've never done a crime before, start with the very first one: click on "Search for cash" and then "Search the Train Station". Continue to search the train station at least twenty times, and then move on to the next crime. This is how you'll move up in crime difficulty- keep trying crimes and if you can do it many times without being caught, move up to the next crime.

Always remember to be patient, and if you aren't sure if you're ready to move on to the next crime, you aren't. Also, the fact that you haven't been caught does not mean you have mastered a crime. The computer can also hurt you since whether or not you are successful at a crime is completely dependent on chance, although the crimes you've done do affect your chances of being caught.

Below is a picture of the crimes page on Torn. You want to start with the first listed crime type and the first listed crime under that. Continue to only do the crime under "Search for cash" until you've mastered all of the Searching for cash crimes. Then you can move on to selling copied media.

Torn City Crimes screenshot


Move on to Bigger and Better crimes

Once you've finished the petty crimes, you'll make your way up to bigger crimes that pay more but have a higher risk of being caught. You can help yourself out by keeping your happiness high when you do a crime (higher happiness=better chance of success), so it helps to use up your nerve before your energy. (This means do crimes before you go to the gym.)

You can also access certain crimes using Education. Hacking crimes, for instance, are a lot easier if you've taken the Computer Science courses (otherwise, you'll probably be caught). Some classes give a percent increase in success chance, while others actually unlock crimes.

Example of Education helping crimes


Earning your Keep

Different crimes give you different rewards. Some give straight up money, while others provide items. Obviously, searching for cash gives you money, while stealing, for example, gives you items. The more difficult the crime, the more money or more valuable items you'll receive for successfully completing the crime.

You can shoplift from the jewelry store if you don't want to have to buy a ring to propose to your significant other. You may have to try a few times, since the jewelry store produces necklaces, watches and other jewelry in addition to wedding rings.

A lot of the stuff you get you won't have any use for. You pretty much have two options: sell it or dump it. You could also send to a friend, but most of the stuff is junk and you won't have any friends if you keep wasting their time with useless stuff.

Selling your stolen goods

Once you've stolen something, you'll probably want to sell it. You can do this either by selling it back to the store you stole it from, selling it in the item market, or selling it to someone directly. The store usually pays crap for it, but some people sell back to the store to keep the value of the other items on the market high (kind of like fighting inflation). If you're going to sell to someone else, you'll probably want to have at least one hundred of the same item, since people usually only buy in bulk (it's hard to go this route since you need to complete the crime a lot). Selling in the item market is usually the way to go.

Selling an item in the item market requires a small percentage fee (unless you work for a Property Broker company). Look at the other prices people have posted for the same item and list yours for pretty close to the lowest price. If you list too high, no one will ever buy your item. However, be aware that some people will post a bunch of really cheap items and everyone else's prices will be a lot higher- don't try to sell lower than the cheap person (it could get you on a hit list).

When you fail, you go to jail

It happens to everyone. You've successfully completed a crime dozens of times and are ready to move up- and then the police come in an catch you. What happened? Why are you in jail?

Sometimes, you were just unlucky enough to be on the wrong end of a computer program that chose you to fail. Or maybe you weren't patient enough. Whatever the reason, now you're in jail. So how do you get out?

You can pay people to break you out of jail, or you can pay the bail (which is usually super expensive). Depending on your level, people may even break you out without you asking, in which case you should pay them a little stipend in thanks for risking their neck for you. They may just be breaking you out for merits or for a mission, but you should still pay them- you never know what could get you on someone's bad list!

Final thoughts

The biggest thing to remember when doing crimes on Torn City is to be patient- every time you get caught doing a crime, your ability to do that crime again decreases, so you need to go back down a step or two. If you're being caught once a day or more, you aren't being patient enough. You should aim to have several successful sets of a crime before moving on, otherwise you'll spend all your time in jail! Good luck!


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