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Guide to play the Burn the Corn

Updated on April 6, 2012

Burn the Corn is a finger-play Iphone game that you need to use your finger to pruduce fire in order to cook the popcorn. It is really a funny game to kill the time.

We can gain Score to upgrade the game. The first round there will only be popcorns in the screen, and we just need to burn them all to finish the wave.

After we upgrade to the second level, there will be the water element which will shut down our fire, so we need to avoid it and try to burn the corns instead.

Then we will have the fire element which is a great help for us, it will explore and burn the corns around it.

The forth level will be the freeze element, it will slow all the things in the screen down, we can take the time to burn the corns that will leave screen soon or around the water element.

The fifth level will increase the speed of the corn.

The sixth level will add the amount of the corns.

Then the following level will whether increase the speed of the corn or incrase the amount of the corns. And you can get higher and higher score.

So my tip to play this game is try to keep you finger stary on the corn you want to burn, this will burn the corns very fast, and we can choose the targets and get the game done with an SSS score.


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