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Guild Wars 2 Combo Skills

Updated on September 3, 2012

Combos In Guild Wars 2

Hi! Thank you for reading through this hub. In this particular Guild Wars 2 Strategy Guide, we shall focus on an issue that is very important in helping make improvements, especially if you want to cross from being a good GW 2 player to a great player. When you are just beginning to engage in Guild Wars 2, quit thinking that it’s simply “another MMORPG”. Don't assume that it will contain all the traditional game play mechanics that you are familiar with because it just doesn't work out that way. Guild Wars 2 is an exciting online game but also a very complex one at that. Without a doubt, you can easily learn how to play this game. Having adequate information regarding what to do with all the unique game play mechanics can provide and your guild an advantage above the other gamers.


Combos Can Deal Massive Damage

Skill Combos are an amazingly significant component of playing Guild Wars 2. Because of this, you and and your group should really understand everything that you can about this subject. In this article, there is a fundamental knowledge to help you get started and know a bit about how they work and what are they supposed to do. IF you don't know how to execute Combos properly, you can lose a lot of damage potential.

Combos are so important since they have a large effect on all facets of the game: from power leveling to questing and PvP, there will always come a time when you will need to execute a combo. When you are walking on the world map and you see someone trying to level up, trying to Kill Steal might even activate a combo with that person. Although you might want to practice combos in a controlled setting, this accidental combos are often exciting!

Combos, whether they are cross-profession or skill combos, occur when one skill interacts with another to create a new effect. In Guild Wars 2, a skill can be classified as a combo field or a combo finisher - these skills are the ones required to activate a new skill combo. For a combo to successfully occur, a skill that is described as a combo field must successfully combine with a combo finisher. You can read on the skill description bar whether a skill can initiate a combo so that you can prepare yourself better when the situation to combine presents itself.

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Finishing Combo

The combo field skill, also known as the initiator or starter, is a skill that creates an AOE effect on the battle field. Casting a combo field is the first requirement for a successful skill combo to activate. For example, a Flamewall when cast allows another player with a combo finisher skill to inflict a Burning Combo.

Combo fields can either be a linear or a circular one. For circular combo fields, the skill finishers will activate the combo as long as their character stays inside the field. When it comes to linear combo fields, the projectile and leaping finishers can activate the combo as long as the field is within their line of sight. These conditions make the battlefield more dynamic and not just a stationary and boring part of the game.

Each time a skill combo is created in Guild Wars 2, an instant notification will appear on the screen. The skills used in initiating the combo will be listed so you can memorize them and use them on your next combo attempt. The only problem with this is that the notification appears whether the combo initiates or not. This can be quite confusing at times because you don't know if the combo actually activated or not, especially if you turn your effects of (this is usually the case for people who have slow computers)

That's it! I hope you learn something from this Guild Wars 2 Strategy Guide !


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