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Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide Armorsmith 1-25

Updated on September 15, 2012

Armorsmith Crafting In Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, there are eight crafting disciplines. These crafting disciplines are attributed to the 9 different Guild Wars professions so you can clearly see the special connection of the crafting disciplines to each profession. In the case of Armorsmith, it is described as the ability to craft Heavy Armor Pieces, Inventory Boxes as well as Runes. Warriors and Guardians are obviously the primary benefactors of this crafting discipline. If your character is either of the two, I think that you should really pay attention to this Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide.

Before you can craft anything in the game, you are required to have a workstation. For Armorsmith, you obviously need an armorsmithing crafting station. You also have to talk to several Master Armorsmiths to be able to start crafting from this discipline. A payment of 10 Bronze coins per level in your target discipline is also required. Armorsmith maxes out at level 400.


Armorsmith Crafting Guide For Levels 1-25

Here is a complete walkthrough on how you can increase your Armorsmith from level 1 to 25 as quickly a possible. The items/ingredients required to recreate the needed crafting items can either be obtained from defeated enemies, salvaged from scraps or bought from vendors. Basically, you start crafting from these basic ingredients then use the resulting items to craft the next tier items.

Here are the items you need to have in order to reach up to level 75 Skill in Armorsmith discipline. We will only cover up to level 25 in this guide, but you can use this list as a guide if ever you aim to reach up to level 75.

NOTE: I have written the whole Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide for Armorsmith 1-75 in another article, so take time to read it if you need more assistance.


Here is the item list that you need to have if you plan to reach up to level 25 in Armorsmith:

  • 10 Pieces Of Lumps of Tin (Can Be Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
  • 28 Pieces Of Bone Chips
  • 3 Pieces Of Tiny Scales
  • 54 Pieces Of Spools of Jute (Purchase from Crafting Vendor or the Trading Post)
  • 50 Pieces Of Tiny Venom Sacs
  • 84 Pieces Of Copper Ore
  • 12 Pieces Of Tiny Claws
  • 116 Pieces Of Jute Scraps
  • 3 Pieces Of Tiny Totems
  • 12 Pieces Of Vials of Weak Blood


Step 1 - Craft The Refinements

  1. You have to craft 58 Bolts of Jute from 116 Pieces of Jute Scraps
  2. You have to craft 42 Bronze Ingot from 84 Copper Ore
  3. You have to acquire 54 Spools of Jute. Just purchased them from the Crafting Vendor.

Step 2 - Craft The Base Armor Set

Craft The Boots Boots From

  1. 5 x Bronze Chain Boot Linings
  2. 5 x Bronze Chain Boot Panels

Craft The Gloves From:

  1. 5 x Bronze Chain Glove Linings
  2. 5 x Bronze Chain Glove Panels

Step 3 - Craft Low Insignias

  1. Craft 4 x Malign Jute Insignias from 1 x Bolt of Jute and 3 x Tiny Venom Sacs
  2. Craft 4 x Mighty Jute Insignias from 1 x Bolt of Jute and 3 Vials of Weak Blood
  3. Craft 4 x Vital Jute Insignias from 1 x Bolt of Jute and 3 Bone Chips

Step 3 - Crafting Discoveries

Finally, you have to craft two sets of Gloves

  1. 1 using Malign Insignia
  2. 1 using Mighty Insignia

After you finish this phase, you will reach level 25 in Armorsmith Crafting. Congratulations! If you want to continue learning how to craft up to level 75, and even further to level 400, try visiting the link above. You can also read our free Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide if you are stuck in a rut and you want to level up as fast as you can in the game.


Try to read my other Guild Wars 2 Hubs too! I am sure they will be of great help to you!

Hope you got something out of this Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide. So long!


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