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Guild Wars Edge of Destiny New Profession Speculation

Updated on August 20, 2012

What do we know already?

The professions already revealed are Warrior, Necromancer, Elementalist, and Ranger. Those were give in's being classes in Guild Wars 2, but there are still 4 more to be revealed.

The release of the latest novel bridging the gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, Edge of Destiny , was speculated to contain information on the possible professions (or classes) in Guild Wars 2. The first novel, Ghosts of Ascalon , mentioned the necromancer and mesmer, one of which was revealed. Edge of Destiny contains much more information pertaining to the unrevealed professions, giving hints towards three of the four remaining professions.

The members of Destiny's Edge
The members of Destiny's Edge | Source
Logan Thackeray, a decedent of Gwen and a hero in the guild Destiny's Edge.
Logan Thackeray, a decedent of Gwen and a hero in the guild Destiny's Edge. | Source

Logan Thackeray - The "Paladin" Class

My speculation was correct! The fifth Guild Wars 2 profession to be revealed is The Guardian. Click this link to head on over to the official Guild Wars 2 site and check out what this profession is capable of!

When Logan Thackeray was first revealed, many thought he was a warrior by the look of his armor and the weapons he wielded in the trailers he was shown in. However, the events of Edge of Destiny take his character back to before he was a hero of the people.

So why is he a "paladin", for lack of a better word? Well, the book has it all. Without ruining any major plot points within the book, here are the reasons Logan Thackeray is a "paladin" and why that archetype of a class will the playable in Guild Wars 2.

1. Magic Spells - That's right, Logan Thackeray can cast magic spells, but not all kinds. Throughout the book, every spell Logan casts provides only protection for him or his teammates. The casting of the spell is described as Logan waving his glowing finger through the air, making magic symbols. If he could cast damaging spells, like an elementalist, this point wouldn't matter much. The fact that his spells only provide protection lead to the conclusion that he has to be the second warrior type class, that class being a paladin.

2. He Carries a Hammer, and Fights With It - "So what?" you say. Well, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a melee character who casts spells wielding a hammer is a cleric, or a paladin. Plus, of the revealed weapons there has not been any class who identifies with the mace and the hammer, making a paladin the perfect one to own those weapons.

3. His Brother - While this may not have to do with Logan himself, his brother is in the novel. Logan's brother is part of the Queens guard, the Sereph. These "warriors" jobs is to protect the queen and upkeep the law in Divinity's Reach. This order does not reveal how they keep this peace, and could possibly be a group of paladins.

Caithe, the Sylvari Firstborn member of Destiny's Edge
Caithe, the Sylvari Firstborn member of Destiny's Edge | Source

Caithe, the Assassin

I was... somewhat right. The Thief profession was reveled for Guild Wars 2 a while back and has some of the same mechanics as an assassin would, with a few more interesting ones too!

Little was known about Caithe other than she was a Sylvari. That doesn't help much either, because the Sylvari race are no more than 30 years old and very little is known about them, even to themselves.

Why is Caithe an assassin? Well, I'm glad you asked.

1. Sneaking in the Shadows - When Caithe is first introduced in the book, she was hidden in the shadows. The only way the other characters knew she was there was when she spoke to them. Hiding in shadows is a hallmark skill of an assassin.

2. Dual Daggers - It really doesn't need explanation. If any class is going to wield two identical stilettos, as Caithe does in the book, it's going to be the assassin.

3. Find Weak Spots, and Exploiting Them - An assassin, unlike a warrior, can't run into battle swords flashing ready to take the brunt of a blow from a giant. Instead, they prefer to stealthily attack the enemy at their weakest point. Caithe does this throughout the whole book. There is even a scene in which Caithe helps a portion of the group defeat a group of devourers by showing the group the devourers weak spot; the spot in between where their two tails meet. If this doesn't point to Caithe being an assassin, and the assassin being a playable class, I don't know what would.

This isn't Queen Jennah, although it is possible Mesmer concept art for guild Wars 2
This isn't Queen Jennah, although it is possible Mesmer concept art for guild Wars 2 | Source

Queen Jennah - The Mesmer

I was spot on! The final Guild Wars 2 profession was revealed to be the Mesmer, and it looks like a ton of fun to play.

This class has already been speculated as being another playable class in Guild Wars 2. It was mentioned in the first Guild Wars novel, Ghosts of Ascalon, and mentioned even more in Edge of Destiny. This time around, the word mesmer isn't just casually mentioned, it is applied to a person. A very important person in Guild Wars 2 - The Queen of Kryta herself, Queen Jennah.

Unlike Logan and Caithe, she is directly refereed to as a mesmer in the book. This makes it almost certain that the mesmer will be a playable class. It is even more certain that it will be a playable class because such an important person is a mesmer. It would far fetched for her to be the only mesmer left in the Guild Wars 2 world.

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    • profile image

      Tia 7 years ago

      I agree too! Spot on, this is exactly what I was thinking.

    • profile image

      Guest 7 years ago

      Agree with this, just read the book and had to see what others think :D