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Guitar Hero Games

Updated on October 8, 2010

Would-be musicians everywhere can experience the the rush of playing the guitar without taking a single lesson!  With the Guitar Hero game and a gaming system, just about anyone can feel like a rock star.

What is Guitar Hero?

 On the radio, in the newspapers, on the internet - everywhere they're talking about Guitar Hero lately.  So what exactly is this game that seems to appeal to such a wide audience - not just music loving teens, but everyone from little kids to grandmas?  Guitar Hero is a video game that can be played on gaming systems like Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 and 3.  One of the most unique features of this game is that instead of the standard controller that other video games are played with, Guitar Hero uses a controller that's shaped like a Gibson guitar, with a strum bar instead of strings and multi-colored fret buttons instead of frets. 

How to Play Guitar Hero

The object of the game is to play along to popular rock songs, following the colored notes that flash on the gaming system's screen by pressing the fret button with the corresponding color and hitting the strum bar when required.  As the player moves on to higher levels, the fingerwork becomes more and more complex.  Players can play alone or compete against others to see who is the greatest Guitar Hero.

Start of Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero has been helping people live their musical fantasies since 2005, when the first edition came out for the Playstation 2.   The game itself was developed by Harmonix, while a company called Red Octane created the distinctive guitar shaped controller and published the game.  Both firms have been acquired by other companies since then, and current editions of Guitar Hero are being produced by Neversoft.

Related Trends

The success of Guitar Hero has spawned new editions and variations of the video game.  Since the debut of Guitar Hero we've seen Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's and Guitar Hero III:Legends of Rock, which can be purchased with more than one guitar controller for multiplayer games.  There is also a game called Rock Band, with singing and simulated drums in addition to the guitar.  With the continuing popularity of Guitar Hero, it's a good bet that we're going to see more and more music based video games in the near future.


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