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Gun Gale Online Merchandise

Updated on October 22, 2014
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Sword Art Online 2: Phantom Bullet (Gun Gale Online)
Sword Art Online 2: Phantom Bullet (Gun Gale Online)

Anime Merchandise: Sword Art Online II - Phantom Bullet (Gun Gale Online)

From sword fights to gun battles, "Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet" sure took a 180-degree spin from its original weapon theme! Well...okay...there are still swords/blades in Gun Gale Online (GGO) but only just a few. That being said, there's still a handful of items to collect from this high-density action anime!

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I now present to you with a sniper's aim -- the Gun Gale Online Merchandise! Ready to heighten your aim's accuracy and fire your guns as we reload your stock with these cool and awesome Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet merchandise.

Sword Art Online 2
Sword Art Online 2

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Gun Gale Online DVD

In Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet, the black swordsman, Kirito, finds himself playing again in another VVMORPG called Gun Gale Online. It's another game where the same trail of blood and danger lurks from the remnants of what has been left from Sword Art Online which in turn causes another set of mysterious murders inside it.

Already being a seasoned expert in cases such as this as well as being sought out to assist in the investigation, it is now Kirito's job to get to the source of the problem and tie what seems to be related to his past experiences in the world of VMMORPG. Only now, Gun Gale Online is a gun-based game with just a little bit consideration on swords.


The DVD for this anime doesn't exist yet as the series of Gun Gale Online just ended, so just relax for a while a wait till it comes out fresh from the oven of the anime world.

Gun Gale Online Scroll Poster

But of course, how could I forget? Your anime needs won't be complete without a suitable poster. And so it's now here for you - Gun Gale Online Wall Scroll Poster.

As simple as having a cool wallpaper like this on your wall, you would actually feel like you're part of the game and unloading you bullets upon the enemy (well, slashing if that's your thing too). But then again, it's just awesome to have one around in your home so consider it very close.

There are more posters like this ebay so, check them out for yourself and choose based on your personal liking.

GGO Sinon's Hecate II PVC Cosplay Prop

As the game's name obviously implies, guns are the main weapons in Gun Gale Online. And among all the guns in the game, the most popular of course would be Sinon's PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II. It's a rare gun in the game which actually really befits Sinon since she's one of the best top playes of the game. Shooting's her specialty and life-scar after all.

And so, the Sword Art Online 2 Merchandise here won't be complete without a replica of Sinon's dearest sniper gun. This item from eBay might be a replica or a cosplay prop if you may call it, but, it's actually detailed like the real thing so it's legitimacy is out of the question.

If you're cosplaying Sinon or just fan-running on the sniper gun for decorative use, then this Hecate II replica prop is a must-have!

Death Gun Mask
Death Gun Mask

GGO Death Gun Sterben Mask

If you still haven't noticed, the main antagonist of the Phantom Bullet Arc is none other than the creepy dark-hooded "Death Gun". Sterben's his username but he's famously known as Death Gun anyway. In the game, he's the one who's out to take the lives of innocent gamers by using a complicated scheme he has to execute simultaneously inside the game and outside the virtual world.

Sword Art Online Death Gun Sterben Mask SAO Cosplay Costume Prop
Sword Art Online Death Gun Sterben Mask SAO Cosplay Costume Prop

This item is the very same mask as Death Gun wears. Just look at that! One look and you'll feel that it belongs to a villain of high-caliber. Well, even though can be used by everyone else, there's an certainly an unsettling creepy factor and feel to it.

On the other hand, this Death Gun Mask actually looks cool that if you ever decide to cosplay as him, this mask takes care of it all. The dark clothes would be easy to find/make anyway.


GGO Kirito Light Sword/Saber Handle Prop

While everyone's using guns in the game, good 'ol Kirito is unexpectedly still using swords/sabers in this one. As if that wasn't much of a laugh-episode for everyone in the game but, Kirito's still deadly as ever with his sword. And by the way, the name of the anime is Sword Art Online, so yeah - there's really gotta be a sword in there.

In Gun Gale Online, Kirito uses a light sword (similar to the light sabers in Star Wars). And so, here's that very sword. It's only the handle though. I don't know if it lights up but it would be good if it does. But anyway, this Kirito Light Sword Handle Prop is very much the same in the anime as it is also intricately detailed and made as an exact copy of the one in the anime. It's yours to own if you are one of those many Kirito cosplayers. Or perhaps, it can also be used as a keepsake.

Gun Gale Online: Sinon Action Figure

Sinon is one of the main character of Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet and she's also one of top players of Gun Gale Online. Having had an incident concerning guns and shooting when she was a child, she developed a fear of guns in the real world. As for the virtual world, it's the only place where she has the opposite feelings about guns. As a matter of fact, she's so capable with snipers and all sorts of guns that she managed to be one of the best players there there is.

As for action figure talks, this Japan Sega Prize PM Sinon Action Figure is one of the rare figures out there. It was built appropriately and it's overall form looks cool just like the original character.

Gun Gale Online: Kirito Action Figure

Kirigaya Kazuto in real-life or Kirito in the virtual gaming world hops from Alfeim Online to Gun Gale Online in order to crack the mystery of in-game heart attack murders in GGO. As to why his character looks like a girl, I have no idea on that. But, here in this gun world, he still chooses swords as primamy weapons and lives to tell the tale of his slashful epicness.

This GGO action figure is another Japan Sega Prize PM Kirito Action Figure that's one of the rarest in the bunch. I'm not sure how rare but it's actually a limited edition prize made by Sega. If you decide to get one, I'm sure it'll look good on the table-top.

Gun Gale Online: Sinon Nendoroid Figure

Wanna see Sinon in her Nendoroid chibi form? Well, then there you have it -- it's the Sword Art Online 2 Sinon Nendoroid Action Figure! Not only can Sinon kick serious butt with her uber-crazy sniping skills, she's also cute and full of charms with her figure.

Sword Art Online 2 Sinon Nendoroid Action Figure
Sword Art Online 2 Sinon Nendoroid Action Figure

Awww...Kawaii! Now that's what I call a cute action figure. I wanna have it now actually.

But, this Nendoroid figure won't come out until next year. For now, it's available through pre-orders. That means you have to pre-order it ASAP as that kind of cuteness is the sort of cuteness that gets out of stock fast and quick. Well, just like her bullets then.

Could someone get me this please? Please, please. *stares at you with puppy dog eyes* Hehe, I wish!


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