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Guy of My Dreams | Free Dating Game

Updated on November 23, 2010

Sometimes it just seems like life is one long series of serial monogamous relationships punctuated by chocolate, diamonds and death. 'Guy of My Dreams' a free Kongregate web game is a game that takes the trials and tribulations of finding love and turns it into an arcade style game. Finally, finding love then dumping it again is fun!

At the outset of the game you are informed as to the nature of your perfect match. This ideal guy has certain eyes, certain hair, certain skin and a certain shape. You are then let loose into the dating pool at the age of 16 or so to try to begin to find him. Pick a partner by slamming into them sideways, then carry them through life, grabbing chocolates and diamonds when you see them. If you happen to spot a mate that looks more like your 'perfect' match, you can easily dump your existing boyfriend by pressing the space bar. (If only all break ups were so easy!)

Like a game of space invaders, your progressive journey down the screen is representative of time passing. As you grow older, the chance that you'll accidentally slam into a skull and kill the love of your life, so if you've found a good match, you must take care.

As you spend more time with your boyfriends, you'll discover traits about them. Some are drunkards, some are sarcastic, but some are romantic and kind. Positive traits will add to your cumulative happiness, negative traits will slowly suck the joy right out of you, leaving you a hollow shell of the cartoon person you once were.

Guy of My Dreams makes no bones about being an allegory, and as such it is fairly amusing. You pass by swathes of guys, wondering if it would be better to dump the one you're with and try out a guy with the right shaped head, or the proper eyes. Occasionally, try as hard as you might, you'll accidentally kill the guy you're with, only to find yourself hooking up with a purple haired guy who prides himself on his open mindedness. Just like life, right? No?

I enjoyed this game a lot, there was a definite sense of humor pervading the whole affair and a not so subliminal message that calls on the player just to relax and have fun in life, as in gaming. Of course, one can never forget that one is being judged, as the game did not hesitate to inform me: Meh, you lived an uneventful life. (Which ended rather prematurely at 50, I thought.)


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