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Heroes of the Storm - Abathur - Locust Lane Pressure Build

Updated on January 16, 2019
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With his global presence, unique game play, and ability for game-changing plays, Abathur is my favorite Hero by a country mile.

Level 1 - Survival Instincts

Survival Instincts increases the health and duration of your locusts by 40%. As you're sitting in a lane to soak XP, this will allow you to more easily have more than one locust pushing with your minions. In the event that you need to seek refuge behind your walls temporarily, you can still generate significant pressure. Combined with later talents, this is central in making your locusts a pushing force.

Level 4 - Prolific Dispersal

Abathur's mines are critical for checking bushes, moving around the map, and keeping an eye on enemy movement. However, with their splash damage, they can also do a great job at clearing waves. Prolific Dispersal will allow you to lay more mines more often; when combined with the more powerful locusts on a second lane and the symbiote's powers on a third, Abathur can easily push three lanes simultaneously.

Level 7 - Networked Carapace

Another crucial choice for applying lane pressure. This will apply an untalented symbiote shield to all nearby minions, mercenaries, and Heroes, allowing those minion waves to continue pushing longer than they normally would be able to.

Level 10 - Evolve Monstrosity

Evolve Monstrosity will allow you to accomplish multiple objectives across the map once it's fully leveled, including allowing Abathur to capture mercenary camps fairly easily (especially when combined with the additional mines given through Prolific Dispersal). Additionally, the monstrosity can be left to push lanes with a minion wave during times when you may be needed for a symbiote during team fights, and mines can help level the monstrosity quickly.

Level 13 - Bombard Strain

I typically choose Bombard Strain over Assault Strain because we're choosing Survival Instincts: having locusts last longer defeats the purpose of giving explosive damage when the locusts die. On top of that, destroying towers - rather than finding ways to get them to expend their ammo - has become a higher priority now that towers, forts, and keeps have no set amount of ammunition. Pushing the waves in the lane in which you're sitting allows your minions to push the enemy walls and your bombard locusts to focus more on bringing down structures.

Level 16 - Locust Brood

Another critical choice based on the level 1 and level 13 choices. This talent allows you to summon three locusts on a 45-second cooldown in an area near Abathur. If timed with the release of Abathur's periodic locusts, this locust cluster can easily help clear minion waves and cause significant damage to enemy structures.

Level 20 - Locust Nest

This talent choice allows Abathur to plant a locust nest that spawns a locust every 15 seconds. If planted at the time Abathur spawns his period locust, you can have two super-powered bombard locusts assaulting enemy waves and structures every 15 seconds; if combined with Locust Brood, you can have a mob of five locusts causing massive destruction every 45 seconds.

If you are moving around the map regularly - as you should be, your level 16 and level 20 talents can also allow your souped-up locusts to push on multiple lanes simultaneously, resulting in considerable confusion as the enemy team tries to figure out your location.

© 2019 Desdenova


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