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HOTS PvT Builds

Updated on February 23, 2013

This hub aspires to be a collection of the best and most effective PvT tactics, suggestions (with replay/YouTube video) are welcome and can be posted to me via the e-mail on my profile or in the comments section.

Sky Toss
Because all of the new Protoss units are air units (oracle, tempest, mothership core), new builds will tend to incorporate more air units. However, because of the constantly changing build times and effectiveness of units (like reapers and tanks), classical WoL builds will have to adapt and accomodate.

  1. Holding the lower Xel Naga Tower on Newkirk City is crucial for Protoss players because it allows them to keep their troops at their natural expansion to defend against drops/harass.
  2. Always find a good position to attack tanks from. Waiting and losing a nexus is worth finding a better position and winning the fight - you can always take the top expansion and transfer probes.
  3. Choosing High Templar as your T3 unit against a Terran player who went for fast Starports is a good choice because he could easily make Vikings to counter colossus and must now build more Barracks and a Ghost Academy to effectively counter HT's.

What to Learn From This Match

Build: Stalker Oracle Aggression
Map: Newkirk City
Build Order:

  • [Start continuous probe production]
  • 9 Pylon
  • 12 Gateway
  • Scout
  • 15 gas
  • 16 pylon
  • 17 cybernetics core
  • 18 second gas @3:00
  • 20 gateway
  • 21 research warpgate research
  • 23 stalker (continuous production from both gates)
  • 24 proxy pylon
  • 26 Stargate @4:30 (finishes @5:30)
  • Oracle @5:30 (finishes @6:20)
  • Offensive Proxy and move in with stalkers and one oracle, warp in more stalkers and push Terran base @7:00
  • Expand whilst attacking or after the attack and counter whatever you saw your opponent went.
  • (In the case of the replay WhiteRa saw that Banshees were going to come out and he prepared for this).

White Ra's Stalker Oracle Build (With Commentary)

  • Build your second gas after Cybernetics core
  • Get a Stalker to prevent enemy scouts
  • Guardian shields are important when attacking Terran defences
  • Target bunkers with Void Ray after activating them.

Parting Vs Fantasy - 1 Base Voidray Push

Build: 1 Base Voidray Push
Map: [Removed]
Build Order:

  • 9 Pylon
  • 12 Gate
  • 14 gas
  • 15 pylon
  • 17 cybernetics core
  • 18 second gas @3:00
  • 21 Stalker when Cyber Core finishes @3:40
  • 24 Stargate @4:10
  • Proxy pylons
  • Voidray when Stargate finishes @5:10
  • 2x Gateways as soon as possible @~5:20
  • Attack @7:30 with 2 voidrays + ~ 9 gateway units (3 zealots, 3 stalkers, 3 sentries in replay).

  • Expect a Terran push at 12:00
  • Make sure to save Oracles and harass at times when you expect the Terran player has his guard down
  • Make sure to look out for Missile Turrets and abuse the fact that one missile turret cannot cover both gases

Demuslim vs ToD - 1 Gate 1 Stargate Oracle Harass

Build: 1 gate 1 Stargate Oracle Harass
Map: Akilon Wastes
Build Order:

  • 9 pylon
  • 12 gate
  • 14 gas
  • 15 pylon
  • 17 cybernetics core @2:45
  • 18 zealot @2:55
  • 23 pylon
  • 23 stalker + gas @3:40
  • 28 Stargate @ 4:40
  • Nexus @5:00
  • Next produce Mothership core, oracle and 2x gateways
  • Oracle harass @7:00
  • Add Mothership core to harass when it arrives (abusing short distance on Akilon Wastes)
  • Go into 2 forge colossus -> robotics bay down @9:25

PvZ and PvP builds coming soon!

Next I'll be working on the other Pv Race builds, as my dominant race, good Protoss builds are much easier for me to find. If you have any good HOTS replays please post them in the comments section below.

Happy gaming!


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