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HOTS PvZ Builds

Updated on February 28, 2013

Streamlined Version of the Build Order

This version should be easier to remember when you are playing games.

  • 15 nexus, forge, pylon
  • 17 cannon, gateway
  • 19 2x assimilator
  • Stargate @6:00
  • 4x phoenix harass @8:40 then void ray production
  • Attack with phoenix's, should be around @8:30 and then make void rays
  • Get a robo, make immortals and then push at around 11:30
  • React to opponent

Things to Remember

  • Target queens and drones and then overlords after spore crawlers are done
  • Push with immortals, sentries, void rays but try to add pressure - do not try to finish your opponent because you will probably not be able to and then without T3 units you'll likely lose to a counter attack
  • Always check behind mineral lines in case of people being random
  • Send zealots to harass the less defendable parts of Akilon Waste's expansions

Kyo's Phoenix Opening

Build: Nexus Fast Forge Phoenix
Map: Akilon Wastes
Exact Build Order:

  • 9 pylon
  • 15 nexus, 15 forge, 15 pylon @2:30
  • 17 cannon, 17 gateway
  • 19 2x assimilator
  • 25 cybernetics core @4:45
  • 30 pylon
  • 34 stalker
  • 36 warpgate research
  • 37 Stargate @6:00
  • Produce sentries from gateways and make pylons
  • Phoenix when Stargate finishes @7:00 and chronoboost
  • 3 more gateways
  • Research +1 attack
  • Attack with 4 phoenixes (because he wasn't scouted) @8:40 and then send to attack (see right for what to do),
  • Produce void rays
  • Robo facility @8:10 and make immortals
  • Push with immortals, voidrays and gateway units @11:20

[After this it depends on how your opponent decides to counter air units, if they choose hydra then you can follow what Kyo did in the replay]

  • Go into collosi and void rays with 3 stargates producting and upgrade air units.
  • Go into HT to get storms against the hydra.

Kyo vs TLO

Streamlined Version of the Build Order

This version is easier to remember:

  • 16 Nexus
  • 18 Gateway,19 Forge,
  • 20 2x gas
  • Early stargate @5:30
  • Fleet beacon @8:20
  • 3x oracles fin. for harass @8:20
  • Carriers asap

Things to Remember

  • Throughout the game you are susceptible to ground pushes so putting up cannons at your natural and third is very important.
  • Hydralisk is the likely response to air and so you should make sure you get carriers asap
  • Chronoboosting both oracles and carriers throughout the game is vital
  • Getting air attack upgrades is vital
  • Air amor is not very important because your carriers should be placed in safe places where it is easy to retreat (e.g. over your nexus behind cannons and gateways that act as a barricade)
  • Knowing that your opponent went for vipers means keeping your carriers further behind than you normally would.
  • Go High Templar and use Timewarps to help defend against hydralisks

White Ra's Oracle Opening

Build Order: Nexus First
Map: Newkirk City
Build order:

  • 9 pylon
  • 16 nexus
  • 18 gateway
  • 19 forge
  • 20 x2 assimilators
  • 24 cannon
  • 24 assimilator
  • 32 stargate @5:30
  • Stalker production
  • Oracle @6:30 (fin. @ 7:00)
  • 2nd oracle @7:00 (fin. @7:30)
  • Nexus (3rd) down @7:30
  • Fleet Beacon @~8:15
  • 3rd oracle @7:30 (fin. @ 8:20)
  • Make cannons to defend 3rd before sending oracles for harass @
  • Extra stargate, Gateways and go into carriers
  • Upgrade air attack and go into HT's to massacre hydralisks and feedback infestors
  • Watch our for Vipers


WhiteRa vs TLO

Streamlined Version of the Build Order

  • 17 forge, nexus, gateway, pylon and cannon
  • 19 and 23 assimilators
  • Robo at 6:40
  • Mothership Core @7:00
  • 3rd @7:30
  • Make 3x immortals
  • Expect a push @10:30
  • React to opponent

Things to Remember

  • Archons are very good against corruptors, having one mixed in the army is a good idea
  • Void Rays do extra damage against armour when activated, making them a good choice vs Swarm Host/Corruptor armies (both armoured)
  • Making constant observers is a good idea when under siege because your opponent will try and snipe them with Corruptors and overseers. Taking care of the corruptors and then letting a freshly made observer float in the battle will allow you to take out the swarm hosts safely.
  • Triple void ray production is viable
  • Only 1 Robotics facility was used throughout the game
  • Force fields can be used to isolate locusts
  • Hold a zealot at your natural to prevent run-bys at all times

White Ra's Forge Fast Expand

Build Order: Forge Fast Expand
Map: Star Station
Exact Build Order:

  • 9 pylon
  • 17 forge
  • 17 nexus
  • 17 gateway
  • 17 pylon
  • 17 cannon
  • 19 assimilator
  • 22 cybernetics core
  • 23 zealot
  • 23 assimilator
  • 28 stalker
  • Stargate @6:30 that was scouted
  • Cancel stargate and build a robo after stalker was made to deny scouting@6:40
  • Mothership core @7:00
  • Nexus (3rd) @7:30
  • Robotics Facility @8:40
  • Make sentries
  • Take all gases
  • Build 3 immortals from robo then make collosi
  • +1 on forge
  • Expect a push @10:30
  • Continue macro'ing, getting collosi, upgrading
  • Twilight Council @12:30

Reaction to Swarm Hosts:

  • Puts down another 2 Stargates
  • Puts down a Dark Shrine
  • Goes Void Ray & Colossus with Stalkers, Sentries & Archons

Reaction to Corruptors:

  • Warps in Archons to counter corruptors

White Ra vs ITrulyLoveYou


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    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 4 years ago from Texas

      I don't know if you watch MLG but there was a recent match with MC where he began with the Phoenix opening. It was a diabolical opening that led to his eventual win. Absolutely amazing build. Great advice here.