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Updated on January 18, 2010

What is the purpose of having a camera at home? Why we bought it even if it is costly to have one? Because we want to feel the satisfaction and contentment to capture a beautiful scenery around us. There was a sudden feeling of amazement seeing a view of beautiful mountains, tall trees, creeks and even plants that are lush green. Everything that catches our fascination make us to click the camera in order to have it.

Being a photographer. whether you are amateur or experienced, taking pictures is a wonderful hobby and helpful to health. It can relieved your stress, it lighten you mood and brings you happiness. It create a big smile if you like it.

Having a camera has purpose, to earn and to satisfy. It was used to earn a living. If we become a professional photographer and have many clients, money is not a problem. It can improve our lives.

Why other people wanted to take pictures and keep it? To let him remember your face. He want to have a souvenir to record your new found friendship.

If you start taking pictures today and the day you reach the age of 70, you have that memorable moment of seeing your younger years with friends and relatives in an occasion you won't forget.

Celebrating birthday, graduation day, baptismal day or whatever important "days" you wanted to be taken, then camera is your only friend. It records every little details of your hugs, kisses, handshake, togetherness in whatever important moment in all places for as long as you still have a roll of films ready for your consumption, the clicking will not end.

The most memorable picture hidden in your safe box was the pictures of your wife and kids. Those smiling faces touched your heart. Your children were already married and have their own families too, away from you.Their pictures was the only memorable piece of paper that refreshed you to remember those wonderful days with them. Your wife had already long gone, you were left alone. The pictures was your only inspiration to keep you going for the remaining days of your life.

When we were a small boys, we have pictures of ourselves we kept in the drawer. When we fully grown up and see those pictures we keep on smiling seeing our faces and our posture.

How can you take a kind of photos you can be proud of?

See specific object or views you like. As you wanted to capture it perfectly, you became meticulous knowing every details, angles allowing you to sharpen your sensitivity and increasing your interest. Listen to your emotion to have those pictures that move you personally.

Don't limit your best effort. Take different angles so that you can select the best. In taking picture to a person, consider her facial expression, pose and the clarity of her movement, the right angle before clicking the shutter. You also have to consider its color, background and enought lights necessary to have a good result.

Being an amateur photographer is a wonderful hobby. You can do the picture taking during your leisure hour if you like. After seeing the result, you may or may not be satisfied. In your next session, bring many rolls of film. Take several exposures in one setting so that after it is develop you can select among them a picture that is most interesting to your sight.

If you are to become a professional photographer, then learn more. There is an enormous income potential in photography if you are hard enough to use this as your means of livelihood. You will enjoy and you have the income. Pictures is life. Use it for your own satisfaction. The camera will help you,


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