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Half Life 3

Updated on December 27, 2013
half Life 3 possibility?
half Life 3 possibility?

Valve and Half-Life

Valve is popular for "Portal" "Half-life" and a few other video game series like Left 4 Dead, but something ever Valve or steam fan wants is Half-Life 3.

Ever since the ever successful Half-life 2 released back in 2004 fans have been craving for more.

The popular Half-Life series started with Gordan Freeman in the very first Half Life game back on Ps2 and PC.

Valve is quite aware of the success of their Half-Life series games and knows how much Half-Life 3 is anticipated.

Still somehow there has been an prolonged wait of almost a decade since the 2nd installment of the series came out. So why the wait and quietness?

Gordan Freeman

Of course since valve released pretty much no news on the production of a third Half-Life game we don't know if "Gordan Freeman" the original protagonist of the first 2 games will be in the 3rd game. It is highly likely that he will return as the famous Black Mesa member who fights the Combine, but maybe not?

The truth is Gordan Freeman is a great silent protagonist and if there ever is another Half-Life with him one thing is that we want to hear him talk or know a little more about him.

You see Valve does this thing with the half life games to make YOU feel more like Gordan Freeman, similarly in the first Bioshock game as jack he never speaks. This is done by some developers to make it feel like you are the one in the game.

Gordan Freeman was a worker in the first game when a portal was accidentally created in Black Mesa letting in forces from another world known as the Combine. Ever since hes been going to different places doing different tasks and saving the world from aliens.

Half-Life 2 Trivia

What was the main protagonist in the first 2 Half-Life games?

See results

So Where Is Half-Life 3?

So to our main point where is Half-Life 3?

Many say it is still in development, others say it will be announced soon and some say there is no such thing.

The truth is only Valve knows where half-Life 3 is.

Ever since the 2 episodes there hasn't been any other half life content for gamers and the anticipation is very real.

Most people have been waiting years for another half life game but there is no word. It is only recently that Valve has officially Trademarked Half-Life 3.

Of course this can mean either the game is In production or just nothing at all. Maybe Valve is trying to make Half-Life 3 better on Next-Gen platforms.

Still, I think that Half-Life 3 has been due a while back.

There is also another new easter egg in GTA San Andreas for phones of a crowbar.

It is significant because the crowbar is the main weapon of the Half-Life games. Could this new teaser be a hint?

Half-Life Banner Image

Image from the second Half-Life Game.
Image from the second Half-Life Game.

Teasers & Possible Announcement?

Well one thing everyone can agree on is that Half-Life 3 is a big deal. So big that there is even a meme going around saying "half life 3 confirmed." The truth is nobody knows where it really is. Another thing is that Valve needs to hurry up and release the game while there is still an audience. People now have better things to do and the hype for half life 3 is getting less and less.

Every year there are people waiting for news at E3 on a new Half-Life game but there's never anything. With the next gen consoles launched if there is a new half life game it will most likely look amazing. The graphics will be superb and story should be amazing.


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