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Halloween Escape Unmasked Walkthrough

Updated on November 2, 2011

How to beat Halloween Escape Unmasked

The following is a Halloween Escape Unmasked walkthrough. Halloween Escape Unmasked is a fun point and click adventure that can be found at AddictingGames.Com and a few other places.

In Halloween Escape Unmasked you are an unlucky tourist that is trapped in an extra spooky haunted house. It will take all of your wits and willpower(or just this walkthrough) to escape this nightmare and get to the truth behind it all.


In Halloween Escape Unmasked you use the mouse to navigate around the house and pick up objects. To use an object you simply click and drag it to the desired location. To turn different directions in a room click the very side of the game window, a black bar will pop up to indicate that you can turn in that direction. To back up a step click the black bar that pops up when you position your mouse at the bottom of the screen.


Halloween Escape Unmasked is a rather big escape game with several different rooms so, before the walkthrough, let's get acquainted with each main room and its' location.

  • Foyer Front: The first room yousee when you enter the house. Has stairs and "No Refunds" written on the wall. What could that mean?
  • Foyer Rear: The back side of the Foyer. Contains stairs and an entrance to the basement.
  • Upstairs: Contains the entracne to three rooms; Bathroom, Bedroom, and Attic.
  • Bedroom: Has a skeleton head on the bed.
  • Bathroom: Bloody sink, and bathtub.
  • Attic: Easily recognizable as the only room that looks like an attic.
  • Main Room: Room with fireplace and paintings on the walls.
  • Dining Room: Pigs head on table.
  • Kitchen: Behind dining room, has oven and boarded up door.

That should just about cover all the important rooms and will make this walkthrough a lot easier to write and hopefully understand as well. So without further a due...

Halloween Escape Unmasked Walkthrough

You begin the game by ringing the doorbell and walking into the foyer. Immediately pick up the Broken Key From the floor under the steps. Walk upstairs.

Go into the bathroom and pick up the Bar of Soap out of the sink. Notice that you can turn left and there is a gross looking tub with a key in the bottom. Exit bathroom.

Go downstairs and into the red door. Turn left once and click the empty bottles of ketchup to move them and fine the Pliers underneath.

Turn left again and click the rail under the sliding couch. There will be a crowbar lying on the ground.

Turn left again and take the fuse from the baby doll.

A final left leaves you back where you started in the main room looking at the fireplace. Click the pig head to enter the dining room.

Click the pig head again to take a closer look and pick up the spoon.

Exit and go to the backside of the foyer. Enter the small door under the stairs to get to the basement. Use the crowbar on the fuse box to open it up and insert the fuse you previously picked up.

Now head to the kitchen and turn on the lights. Turn left and take the scissors out of the head of the doll that's hanging from the ceiling.

Head upstairs and into the bedroom. Turn right and you will find a scared tricker treater stuck to the wall. Use the scissors to cut him down. On his way out he drops the hardest piece of candy known to man. Pick it up.

Turn left and click on the fog machine to the left of the bed to zoom in. Click the plug to take it out of the wall and use your pliers to take the metal tip peg off of the plug. Leave the bedroom and head to the attic.

Turn left and insert the peg into the third slot on the red box(2, 3, 1). The box will open. Turn off the projector and pick up the pot from where the ghost girl was.

Leave the basement and go to the gross tub in the bathroom. Use the spoon to dig the half-a-key from the bottom of the tub.

Examine the soap that you picked up earlier and place the two key halves on the bar of soap to make an impression of the key you need. Now head to the kitchen.

Place the pot on the stove and turn the stove on. Examine the candy and click it to unwrap it. Place the unwrapped candy into the pot to melt it forming a paste. Pick up the pot and examine the soap.

Drag the pot over the soap to pour it into the impression. Examine the soap and click on the key to remove it.

Head to the front door and use your recently acquired key to escape and finish Halloween Escape Unmasked. Hope you remembered to turn off the stove....

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween Escape Unmasked Walkthrough and I hope it helped you to finish this interesting game. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


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