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Halloween Update Coming Soon to Modern Warfare Remastered

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Modern Warfare Remastered's Community is Going Crazy for the Seasonal Event Rumours for a Halloween Special Map
Modern Warfare Remastered's Community is Going Crazy for the Seasonal Event Rumours for a Halloween Special Map

Modern Warfare Remastered is the hottest first person shooter title available on the Xbox One and PS4 at the moment.

This is all down to the games unique development in recreating Call of Duty 4, one of the most iconic first person shooter games ever made. This, being the remaster of such a game, there has been nothing but positive feedback for the games single player campaign and multiplayer that brings back nostalgia to former players of 2007’s Call of Duty 4.

A stunning masterpiece is what best describes Modern Warfare Remastered, as Raven Software (the games developer) have perfectly rebuilt Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare classic title in effortlessly beautiful next-generation console graphics, and realigned the gaming mechanics for Modern Warfare Remastered using only the finest of technology available in 2016 for its revolutionary play and feel.

This post would best benefit from taking a look back at the events that we have seen throughout the games 1-year life-cycle so far. The games release date was alongside the launch of Infinite Warfare on 3rd November 2016, and since then we have seen various special events throughout natures seasons.

The first seasonal event of which was winter, and the unique event map was Winter Crash. The second seasonal event was during spring, and the unique event map was for St. Patrick’s day on Daytime Downpour, and the more recent seasonal event was for summer in Beach Bog.

October Surprise Month for Modern Warfare Remastered - The Final MWR Event Before the Official Launch of WW2
October Surprise Month for Modern Warfare Remastered - The Final MWR Event Before the Official Launch of WW2

What event is coming next for Modern Warfare Remastered?

The event is unofficial as of yet, but has been heftily rumoured and theorised that the next event coming soon will be a Halloween map for the Autumn seasonal event.

This sounds extremely likely to be the case, and there is still more than a month before the official launch of the Call of Duty: WW2 title, the latest game to be released for the Call of Duty franchise.

Modern Warfare Remastered has all of their updates on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, but the larger updates that would come in a form like the seasonal event are almost certainly launched on a Tuesday. Although many MWR players will tell you that Activision have been known to launch updates on Thursday’s if there were problems with the launch of the Tuesday.

Yesterday was 26th September, and most importantly a Tuesday and surprisingly enough we received no new updates for MWR or Call of Duty games in general. This seemed like almost the perfect day for Activision to launch the Autumn seasonal event given that there would be just enough time to have 5 weeks Halloween warfare before the launch of the WW2 Call of Duty title in early November.

Not that MWR players should be totally concerned as it may be a simple case that Raven Software plans to start the Halloween event at the start of October and wants the event to last less than the usual 5 weeks run time.

Modern Warfare Remastered uniquely has the weekly warfare that runs as a separate event only accessible on Raven Software’s Modern Warfare Remastered, and this event has been getting more and more so stale recently. Over the past few weeks we have had weekly warfare specific game modes like Snipers Only, Slasher and RPG’s-only, and many MWR fans have been disappointed with these choices.

The last completely unique game mode that we received for weekly warfare (yes, technically we had not seen RPG’s-only before, but this was predictable) was mad prop hunt, a game mode that reversed the rules for the original prop hunt, as in mad prop hunt the props were the hunters where in prop hunt the humans were the hunters. This was a game mode that we saw a month ago, and quite frankly saw a lot of disappointment in the eyes of the MWR community.

Amos Hodge hinted to the MWR community via his twitter page a few weeks ago when mad prop hunt was announced that this was the start of much more to come. If Amos Hodge was referring to weekly warfare, then this would make little to no sense as we have had 3 weeks since of weekly warfare game modes that have been in no way new or overly exciting.

However, the seasonal event if it was going to happen would be at some point between this week or the next or there would not be any point at all in doing the final blowout event for Modern Warfare Remastered players. At this stage in the MWR games life-cycle we are seeing newer players to the player base show interest in the autumn event possibility, and MWR fans that we there since the beginning return to see if the autumn event has begun yet.

This leads us to the last and only question, where is the autumn seasonal event trailer that usually releases in the week leading up to the events starting day. We received a trailer for winter crash, daytime downpour, and beach bog. So, Raven Software where is our trailer or any form of promotion whatsoever for the Halloween event.

October is practically knocking and MWR fans are rallying to Amos Hodge’s (lead developer for Modern Warfare Remastered at Raven Software) twitter page, the official Modern Warfare Remastered Reddit page, and YouTube Call of Duty dedicated channels to find out the news for MWR’s autumn event. And, so far, we have been given no official news regarding the Halloween map that is supposedly going to be active during the autumn event.

"Enter At Your Own Risk" - This Should Be the Title for the Halloween Events Weekly Warfare Special Event Game Mode - We Can See it Now
"Enter At Your Own Risk" - This Should Be the Title for the Halloween Events Weekly Warfare Special Event Game Mode - We Can See it Now

What talks are happening on the MWR Reddit page?

“So today infinite warfare just got a new update containing some weapons (pretty usual) but we haven't gotten an update for this game in a while.

With October coming just around the corner I assume there will be an update/trailer within the first or second week. Raven does like to do Holiday themed maps (e.g. Winter crash, beach bog, etc.) People have speculated (and asked) for a night time version of Overgrown.

If anyone has any confirmed information about new weapons or anything with this upcoming update leave a comment.” – by UninstallReddit

This is a post that was left today on the official Modern Warfare Remastered Reddit page, and has received 20 comments from eager MWR fans awaiting the launch of the autumn seasonal event for the game.

This is the Reddit post that prompted the subject for todays blog post here on Dreammore, as this is just about the only thing that has been running through my mind for the past few weeks.

Raven Software have added the summer supply drop back into Modern Warfare Remastered, that lasts until 10AM pacific time (or 6PM UK time), and has allowed a final chance to unlock the summer supply drop items (camos, gun kits, characters, uniforms, calling cards, emblems).

Since Raven Software added back the summer supply drop box in the depot store many Call of Duty fans have been contemplating the autumn seasonal event starting as right before the summer seasonal event started Raven Software did something similar in adding the Christmas winter crash map back into the games rotation. This also came with the chance to earn the winter supply drop challenges during the gameplay on the winter crash map, so it brings to thinking that perhaps this was a final hash-out for MWR players to get the last of the summer loot items before they officially start the autumn seasonal event.

Who knows, but one is certain, and that is of the weekly warfare event that will be officially starting tomorrow on Friday. Perhaps we will receive something that relates to the possibility of the Halloween map as part of the autumn seasonal event. If the Halloween map is a go-ahead on the MWR game for October then it would make sense for the developers to add infected to a separate playlist. Ultimately, this would get the MWR player-base pumped for October.

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