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Halo 4: How to Win at Online Multiplayer

Updated on November 11, 2012

Halo 4

As the next great installment of the iconic Halo franchise comes our way, it brings along many great features such as campaign, spartan ops, forge, custom games, and arguably the most important, multiplayer. Now if you were a big Halo 3 fan, you're probably very familair with Halo 4's multiplayer experience, and if you were big into Halo: Reach, you probably have a solid idea of what to do, but if you are new to the Halo experience, or if you have just been away for too long, then these few tips may be able to help step up your game.

Always go for Power Weapons and Vehicles:

Lets face it, if you're using an assault rifle, and somebody on the other team has a rocket launcher, no amount of skill can really make up for that difference. While most of the game, you probably won't be using power weapons, using them when you can will aways give you a boost in kills, which will lead to ordnance drops happening much quicker, resulting in more power weapons. The best way to get these power weapons is play each map a few times, see where each of the power weapons spawn by watching the grey indicators on your screen, and then once you have a broad idea of where everything is, before each game starts, pick a power weapon that you want to use so as soon as you spawn you can be the first one there. Another huge point about power weapons is that if you have them, your opponents don't. So continuing on this idea, if you get into an engagement that you are mostly certain that you are going to lose, such as a three on one, and none of your team mates are around to clean up after you, fire off as many of the power weapons shots as you can, so your opponents can't use them, since they more than likely know that you have a power weapon. The same general idea goes for vehicles, as you're playing games, remember where the vehicles spawn, so that way you can decide to go for one first. Just remember that if you get into a vehicle rather than going for a power weapon, you become a much bigger target for the other team, and are much more likely to get killed.

In Firefights, move around:

This one is something that not enough people do, and it results in their downfall. If you play HALO at all, or really any other FPS, you know that head shots do more damage. Once an opponents shields are down, a hit in the head is an automatic kill, so it would make sense that making the hardest point on the body even harder to hit is a good idea, right? If during a firefight you start to move sporadically, like jumping to random sides or going behind objects and popping out at different places, it will make you so much harder to hit, giving you the advantage. Same idea goes for when your not in a firefight. If you are playing a game, and you literally sit in the same place you over five minutes, somebody is going to kill you. There is no possible way that you won't die if you stay in the same place. What is a good idea is to instead be in a place and maybe get a kill or even just some shots off, and then if you feel a bit iffy about the numbers of players coming or your current opponent, run to a different place(maybe crouch so you become invisible on radar). If you can get somewhere that they don't expect, your chances of winning the fight increase dramatically. Remember, your playing other people who at times really aren't that smart. If you move around both in firefights and outside of them, you will become a better player.

Do something Different:

If plan A doesn't work, always go to plan B, even if you don't know what plan B is. Let's say you have been using a DMR for the past few games and for some reason you aren't getting that many kills, the simple solution to this problem is CHANGE YOUR GUN! I know this may seem crazy, but if you aren't good with a gun, don't use it. Same thing goes for everything else in HALO, if you keep trying to get the tank on exile, and you keep dying, STOP GOING FOR THE TANK, instead maybe you can go for the banshee and kill the tank! If you keep getting bad guns from ordnance, but you still call them down anyway, CALL IN A POWER UP! If your choices are between some grenades you don't need or a weapons you don't like, I can promise you that an over-shield is a much better alternative. An even more broad spectrum idea is that if you aren't good at killing other players, play capture the flag or oddball where killing doesn't affect the score. No matter how bad you are at HALO, it is an assurance that there will be something that you are good at, so don't be afraid to try different things because eventually it will pay out.


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