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Halo 4 Legendary Ending and What it Means *Spoilers*

Updated on August 9, 2016

Legendary Ending

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343 has decided to take us down a few new paths when it comes to the Halo series. Of course the main one has to do with the new multiplayer that is hauntingly similar to COD and MW. One of the other things though is the new campaign that follows along with the Forerunner history. The storyline is absolutely amazing and I was completely happy with it up until the ending of the last level. I don’t truly believe that with the first game they take over they would kill off one of the main characters. That’s my personal opinion, but I believe we haven’t seen the end of our favorite AI. They will either bring her back, she will have never been gone to begin with, or they will recreate her (the reappearance of Dr. Halsey has to mean more than just the return of a human side to John).

The next thing that slightly ruined the game for me takes place in the Legendary ending. Now I use “Legendary Ending” liberally because we all know that there isn’t a huge difference between the regular ending and the Legendary ending in any of the Halo games. There is usually only a few seconds difference with one special thing added (of course in Reach there wasn’t anything added except that you could look to the right and see Master Chief’s cryopod in the Pillar of Autumn). Halo 4 is no different than the rest of the Halo games in that one regard, it is only a second or two added onto the standard ending. It is this few extra seconds though that I don’t particularly care about.

The one thing I loved about Master Chief is that he was a faceless human. I know you might think that is weird to say but please let me explain. I strongly believe (and it’s backed by the fact that I think Bungie is a bunch of genies’) that Master Chief was always kept faceless because they knew that we would find our own face to put on him (maybe I’m being captain obvious here). Just like the Twilight series has Kristen Stewart who is a “blank slate” so all the teen girls can project themselves in the role, Master Chief is a faceless man so we can all put our face in his place. I hate comparing to Twilight but it’s pretty much the same situation. We find the game so amazing because we’ve never seen his face and he is what we need him to be (and yes that means we find ourselves in him). Now though that is no longer. We finally have a face that can be put to the name that is John-117, Master Chief, and I don’t know if I like it. It’s not that I don’t like what he looks like, because he actually looks pretty close to what I would think he should look like (pale from no sun exposure after being in the suite for years and years, wrinkly skin from the fact that he’s 46 years old, and haggard face from the fact that he just lost the one thing he truly loved and from everything he’s been through). It’s just that I never wanted to see his face, or any part of his face. He was left faceless by Bungie and that’s how I liked it.

Maybe I’m just holding onto something that needs to be let go… maybe I just hate that Cortona was taken away from us (no matter how brief if they decide to bring her back).

(I forgot to mention that I didn’t really care for the “young John” either in the opening sequence. I mean that’s the only person we can assume that is since Halsey was thinking about it when she was being questioned about him. He is pretty much what I pictured as well but I like what I had in my mind more.)



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    • profile image

      Deknor 4 years ago

      I think one huge thing about this is we only see his eyes. We knew he'd have eyes right? We know he's old. We know all of these things, so really all they did was show us we were right. They didn't disclose a ton of detail about what he looks like, just confirmed that he is indeed a human being inside a giant suit... And he's older.

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      Agreed. Don't mind seeing young John-117, but never really think we should see "current" Master Chief. I never really projected myself onto him,