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Halo 4 Ordnance Tips & Tricks : Overshield Invincibility!

Updated on November 9, 2012

Halo 4 features personal Ordnance drops which are kind of like killstreak rewards for getting a set number of medals. Medals can be earned by completing tasks like getting a certain amount of kills or completing team support tasks like kill assists. These drops include items that can give you an advantage in Halo 4 Multiplayer War Games. Some of these drops include Speed Boost, Damage Boost, Overshield, and weapons like the Needler. Ordnance drops are player controlled -- meaning you can call them in whenever you want once you fill up the meter. Ordnance drops can give your Spartan a big advantage over enemy players in Halo 4 Matchmaking. However, knowing when and how to use the Ordnance drops in Halo 4 War Games can make a big difference in how well you do.

Ordnance drops give three choices of 2 random weapons and 1 random power up. Once you call a Ordnance drop in, it will immediately appear near your current location.

Halo 4 Multiplayer: Infinity Team Slayer Ordnance Drops

While it may be very tempting to use your ordnance drops right away, it may not be the best idea. If you choose to pick up a power up, but there are no enemy players nearby, then you may end up potentially wasting that power up! Power ups such as Speed Boost, Overshield, and Damage Boost only last for so long. You should try to use Halo 4 power ups when you have the most opportunity to use them. For example, you will get the most out of Damage Boost if you are close to enemy players. If you use Damage Boost when enemy players are far across the map, then you may run out of time before you can use the power up. Check your radar or use Promethean Vision to find enemies easier.

Become Invincible in Halo 4 Infinity Team Slayer (SORT OF)

Overshield gives you an extra shield to absorb damage. Your Spartan will be able to take twice as much damage before losing shields. Note, however, the Overshield slowly decreases even if you are not taking damage. It is possible to actually become temporarily invincible when using Overshield in Halo 4. Once you pick up the power up, it will take a few moments for the shield to charge. During that time, your Spartan is temporarily invincible! This is a very brief period, but if you use it at the right time, you could take out a lot of enemy players!

Wait until you see a chance to shoot multiple enemy players then pick up the Overshield. Do not take too long to pick up it up, otherwise, you may be killed before taking it. With Overshield, you will be very difficult to kill. Do not get too cocky when using it, however. Players will see you glowing blue and most will know that you are stronger than normal. Make good use of your grenades and take out as many enemies as you can when using Overshield.

Energy Sword and Overshield Combo

A good combo to use is the Energy Sword and Overshield in Halo 4. When using the Energy Sword you must be very close to enemies to kill them. Sometimes enemy players will try and avoid your attacks because they see you have the Energy Sword. When you are using Overshield it will be much more difficult for other players to eliminate you because both your attacks and shields will be strong. Do not go out in the open when using this combo, though. Stay in close quarters areas where you are in range. The use of Promethean Vison can make this combo even better since it allows you to see enemies through walls.


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