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Halo 4 - Spartan Ranking System, Armor Abilities, Armor Variants, and Armor Specializations

Updated on August 9, 2016


I have been searching the internet and I have found that a lot of the information pertaining to Halo 4 ranking and armor abilities is a little hard to find. So I decided to bring all of the information I have found to one simple location for all of those Halo lovers out there. Let us begin!

Loadout Extras

List of Armor Abilities: (duration will be in first set of parentheses and recharge time will be in second set)

Thruster Pack – d(1) r(3)

Active Camouflage – d(16) r(14)

Promethean Vision – d(5) r(10)

Hologram – d(7) r(7)

Jet Pack – d(3) r(6)

Hardlight Shield – d(5) r(10)

Autosentry – d(65) r(18)

Regeneration Field – d(10) r(30)

List of Tactical Packages and their abilities:

Armor Ability Efficiency: Decreases Armor Ability recharge time by 50%.

Mobility: Unlimited sprinting

Shielding: Increase shield recharge rate by 100%. The delay to begin recharging shields stays the same.

Firepower: Allows the use of two primary weapons on the same loadout.

Resupply: Salvage 1 grenade that they were carrying of each type from a fallen Spartan.

Grenadier: Increase grenade capacity and starting grenades to 3.

List of Support Packages and the abilities:

Dexterity: Speeds up reload time by 33%.

Awareness: Can see the radar while looking through scope of gun.

Ammo: Increases starting ammo by 2 clips and ordinance ammo by 1 clip.

Sensor: Motion sensor range increased by 50%.

Explosives: Increased grenade explosion range by 1 point. Decreased damage taken from grenades by 33%.

Ordinance Priority: Receive ordinance drops 20% faster.

Spartan Ranks

Rank (Experience Needed to reach next rank)

SR-1 (750)

SR-2 (830)

SR-3 (980)

SR-4 (1,390)

SR-5 (2,030)

SR-6 (2,530)

SR-7 (2,950)

SR-8 (3,480)

SR-9 (4,000)

SR-10 (4,530)

SR-11 (5,060)

SR-12 (5,580)

SR-13 (6,090)

SR-14 (6,590)

SR-15 (7,060)

SR-16 (7,520)

SR-17 (8,790)

SR-18 (9,670)

SR-19 (10,440)

SR-20 (11,530)

SR-21 (12,310)

SR-22 (13,340)

SR-23 (14,240)

SR-24 (15,160)

SR-25 (16,100)

SR-26 (17,050)

SR-27 (18,030)

SR-28 (19,020)

SR-29 (20,030)

SR-30 (21,050)

SR-31 (22,100)

SR-32 (23,160)

SR-33 (24,240)

SR-34 (25,330)

SR-35 (26,440)

SR-36 (27,570)

SR-37 (28,700)

SR-38 (29,860)

SR-39 (31,030)

SR-40 (32,220)

SR-41 (33,420)

SR-42 (34,640)

SR-43 (35,860)

SR-44 (37,110)

SR-45 (38,360)

SR-46 (39,640)

SR-47 (40,920)

SR-48 (42,220)

SR-49 (43,530)

Total earned XP at SR-50 (884,480)

The 10 levels for all of the Specializations (points needed to reach the next level)

1- 11,730

2- 12,760

3- 18,240

4- 29,320

5- 39,360

6- 47,740

7- 54,960

8- 60,470

9- 63,820

It takes a total of 338,400 to complete each Specialization.(About how long it took you to reach SR-35)

At this point I will just let you know how much XP you will have earned at each milestone:

SR-60 (1,222,880)

SR-70 (1,561,280)

SR-80 (1,899,680)

SR-90 (2,238,080)

SR-100 (2,576,480)

SR-110 (2,914,880)

SR-120 (3,253,280)

SR-130 (3,591,680)

Armor Variants by Level Unlocked

Armor Variants (Permutations):

Warrior – SR-7

Air Assault – SR-11

Soldier – SR-15

Aviator – SR-17

Defender- SR-24

Recon – SR-26

EVA – SR-27

War Master – SR-37

Scout – SR-38

Orbital – SR-41

Infiltrator – SR-42

Hazop – SR-43

EOD – SR-45

Oceanic – SR-47

Enforcer – SR-50

Mark VI – Complete campaign on Legendary

Raider – Completed through Halo Waypoint

C.I.O. – Spartan Slayer Master Commendation

Commando – Dominion Victory Master Commendation

Gungnir – Slayer Victory Master Commendation

Ranger – Combat Opportunity Master Commendation

Vanguard – Flag Victory Master Commendation

Venator – Assassin Master Commendation

Locus – Pre-Order through

Deadeye – Pre-order from Best Buy or

Fotus – Comes with Halo 4 Console

Rogue – Unlocked by Rogue Specialization

Scanner – Unlocked with War Games Pass

Stalker – Unlocked by Stalker Specialization

Strider – Unlocked with War Games Pass

Tracker – Unlocked by Tracker Specialization

Wetwork – Unlocked by Wetwork Specialization

Engineer – Unlocked by Engineer Specialization

Operator – Unlocked by Operator Specialization

Pathfinder – Unlocked by Pathfinder Specialization

Pioneer – Unlocked by Pioneer Specialization

Visor Colors:

Solar – SR-20

Frost – SR-29

Midnight – SR-46

Cyan – Brink Master Commendation

Blindside – Avenger Master Commendation

Sunspot – Assistant Master Commendation

Verdant – Splatter Master Commendation

Legendary – Complete campaign on Legendary


Armor Specializations

This section uses IGN as its direct source. I have revised the wording to be my own but the credit lies with them.


This specialization unlocks the Wetwork gold visor, blue/orange visor, armor set, armor variant set, DMR weapon skin and stealth armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to move silently on the combat field and execute quick assassinations. A few of the perks of this armor variant include the dampening of your footsteps while sprinting, a quicker assassination sequence, and you will show up less visible to those using Promethean Vision (you will show up as an outline instead of all in red).


This Specialization unlocks the Pioneer gold visor, silver/blue visor, armor set, armor variant set, plasma pistol weapon skin, and the fast track armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to gain rank quicker than the rest. You gain more experience during a match that you have the fast track armor mod attached. This mod also includes the ability to change your loadout mid-match, but if you change from the fast track armor mod you stop gaining extra experience.


This Specialization unlocks the Engineer gold visor, pink/purple/blue visor, armor set, armor variant set, suppressor weapon skin, and drop recon armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to know more information about the ordnance drops. You will know when it’s going to drop and where it’s going to drop.


This Specialization unlocks the Tracker gold visor, purple visor, armor set, armor variant set, boltshot weapon skin, and requisition armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to acquire more helpful weapons by withdrawing their ordnance request. What this does is let you get a second set of choices when you get an ordnance. Don’t like those three choices? Then just roll the dice again.


This Specialization unlocks the Rogue gold visor, red/orange/silver visor, armor set, armor variant set, carbine weapon skin, and stability armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want better aiming stability while being fired at. This mod allows you to keep your reticule in place while aiming and firing.


This Specialization unlocks the Stalker gold visor, yellow/green visor, armor set, armor variant set, Battle Rifle weapon skin, and nemesis armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to get revenge on the person that just killed them. People are highlighted on your hud when they kill you or even when they shoot at you.


This Specialization unlocks the Pathfinder gold visor, orange/green visor, armor set, armor variant set, Assault Rifle weapon skin, and gunner armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to shoot more and faster while in vehicles or carrying a turret. The mod decreases the cool down time when your vehicles weapon overheats. It also allows the person to move faster while carrying turrets.


This Specialization unlocks the Operator gold visor, orange/purple visor, armor set, armor variant set, Magnum weapon skin, and Wheelman armor mod. People who choose this variant are those who want to improve their stamina and durability while driving vehicles. The key word here is “drive”, not be a passenger. This mod decreases the damage received from a plasma emp bolt (you aren’t immune but you aren’t stopped in your tracks anymore) and it allows you to heal your vehicle quicker as well. The key point with this mod is that you will be rewarded substantially for being the driver of a vehicle.


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