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Halo 4: The Story So Far

Updated on November 3, 2012

halo 4

The Halo series. Next to Super Mario, is the most famous and well respected series in all of video game history. Besides having an incredible multiplayer, Halo also thrives off of it's incredibly deep and engaging story, which has spanned many years in the forms of games, comics, books, and even breathtakingly good films. Now while the story line is such a positive for Halo, it can get a little confusing, especially if you are either new to the series or have just been away from Halo for too long. Don't fret through, I'm here to help you remember the glorious story that is Halo.

So a few hundred years in the future, under the United Nations Space Command, humans have been expanding outwards to the stars. On one of these plants, Harvest, humans make first contact with the Covenant, an alliance of aliens under the control of the prophet Regret. The Covenant then engage the humans in a bloody war, which the humans are able to fight employing the use of modified super soldiers, known as Spartans. Do to better technology, weapons, and numbers, the Covenant kill off all but one of the spartans, Master Chief. After the fall of Reach, the last planet before earth, Chief gets abord the Pillar of Atumn with his brand new AI friend, Cortana, and they go into slipspace (hyperdrive) and end up at an ancient floating ring, called a Halo. On this Halo, Chief learns that the Covenant are trying to fire off the Halo and kill the humans for a biblical prophecy. On this same Halo, Chief learns about a sentient-life eating parasite called the flood, that killed the Forerunners (the creators of the Halos and who the Convenat worship as gods). Before Cortana and Chief can deal with the Flood, the Covenant fumble around and let them loose. To deal with this problem, the Halo's monitor, 343 guilty spark, tells them to fire up the Halo. But before Chief can do that, Cortana warns him that the Halo will kill all life in the galaxy, inculding humans. So realizing that plan A isn't going to happen, they espace the Halo and blow up the Pillar of Autumn, to take the Halo with it. But when the humans think they're in the clear, the Covenant attack the Earth city of New Mombassa, but are repelled by the humans. In his espace, Regret and his ship jump into slip space while inside the atmosphere, destroying the city and causing some hell for a few incoming soldiers (Halo: ODST). Chief and Cortana follow Regret. While all that buisness is happening, we get to look at the Covenant home world of High Charity, where we learn the convenant have an extremely aristocratic society. Since a certain Elite, the convenant super soldiers, lost a decisive battle, he was made into the arbiter and was sent on a suicide mission to kill a heritic, but with the help of 343 Guilty Spark, he gets back A-OK. As we cut back to Chief and Regret, it turns out they stumble onto yet another Halo, which seem to be more populous than expected. On this halo, Chief has a confrontation with Regret, who attempts to activate the Halo, but is killed by Chief, who is then attacked by Regrets ship and sinks into the water. Back on High Charity, the Arbiter and his Elite brethren lose power to the Brutes, a race of troll like guys, who then throw the arbiter into an abyss. Both the Arbiter and Master Chief wake up in the clutches of the Gravemind on the Halo, who is basically the spokesman for the Flood. He tells Arbiter and Chief about how the Halos are way too destructive to be left alone, and sends them out to shut them down. At the same time, the Flood attack High Charity, Master Chief takes a tube ride to safety, and Cortana stays behind to watch the Halo. Then on this same ring, the Brute policitial leader tries to get Sgt. Keyes, an unfortunate damsel, to fire the ring because apparently the Halo is racist and only likes humans. But the Arbiter and Sgt. Johnson come in to stop him, and everything works out, except all the Halo rings, yea theres more, go on stand by, which is a bit precarious. Guiltiy Spark tells Chief and the Arbiter that the only way to fix this little problem is to visit the Ark, while Cortana has a chat with Gravemind. Chief thens go back to Earth and finds that the next prophet, Truth, is digging up New Mombassa to find some more Forerunner stuff. Turns out that stuff was a slip space portal to the Ark and Chief heads in after him, while the Flood land on Earth the Elites help the humans to delay them. The Arbiter and Chief are fightining with Sgt. Keyes and Sgt. Johnson, but Keyes gets killed and Johnson is forced to activate the Halo array. Somehow Gravemind desides to pop up and turns on everyone, so now Chief, Cortana, and the Arbiter destroy the Ark and Gravemind by activating the unfinished ring after Spark has a hissy fit and kills Johnson. Chief, Cortana and the Arbiter escape on the Forward Unto Dawn (great show by the way), but when they enter slipsapce, only the Arbiter gets back to Earth while the Chief is forced into Cryo and Cortana takes a nap, setting up Halo 4.


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