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Halo ODST review: I take a look at the Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded of the Halo series.

Updated on May 31, 2016

It's my thumbnail.

[Halo ODST, Halo the Master Chief collection] © Microsoft Corporation. [this hub] was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from [Halo the master chief collection.], and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Halo ODST is owned by Microsoft this hub is no way affiliated with Microsoft. The video I used is my gameplay captured using a capture card. The pictures are taken from the video and photoshop to add text and effects to them.

Halo ODST this one can also be found on the Master Chief collection but it has to be purchase has extra DLC; it’s time to take a look at Halo 3 ODST. ODST could be easily compare to Kingdom Hearts Re:coded of the Halo series. It’s missing a lot of components, reuses the one it does have from other Halo games, and tells a story that is really completely pointless, other than they did use Buck in Halo 5. Let’s take a look at the black sheep in the Halo family Halo 3 ODST

Now if you’re wondering what ODST stands for it stands for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. Basically these guys are the 2nd toughest solders the human armies have against the covenant, has Spartan’s are train from birth and given there cyborg modifications. ODST are just normal human beings but none the less they are assigned for the near suicidal missions. Usually involving dropping in from space on pods.

The game takes place right after the Master Chief jumps out to find the Delta Halo rings and goes to about the time he comes back in for Halo 3. You play has a rookie member of an ODST team. There not happy that rather than attack the covenant ship there new commander has other plans for them. Anyways they get into their pod and drop into new Mombasa only to have the covenant ship the rest of them are chasing after do a jump and knock them all off course. The rookie gets knocked out for 6 hours, now he must find out what happen to the rest of his team by tracking down the clues to the rest of their story. Every time you find a clue the next section begins.

The story is again kind of pointless we know what happens after words, the city gets destroyed, but the Master Chief comes back and starts kicking some ass. None of these characters appear in Halo 3, and while Buck does appear in Halo 5 none of what he does here matters to his character or why he is in Halo 5 so none of the story matters and is completely pointless.

Your main character the rookie is completely silent and while the others talk they do very little when your behind their helmets. And I will give this game one thing it does have some incredible set piece moments especially at the beginning when you’re dropping into the city is an amazing piece of work. Too bad the main plot and characters don’t match up.

This is a really incredible scene,

To bad the rest of the scene doesn't match up.
To bad the rest of the scene doesn't match up.


Ok notice I said Halo 3 ODST when I did my title screen well there is a reason for that. You see this is more of an expansion of Halo 3 then a whole new game, in fact its bonus disc came with all the Halo 3 maps and DLC included on it. Which by the way you already have in the master chief collection just now with a more clunky match making service. Anyways yeah this is pretty much Halo 3 in the gameplay area just with a few minor changes. I don’t think your characters are allow to duel wield nor do you get the special items like the bubble shield but the Brutes are still able to use there’s. Also you are no longer a Spartan so you don’t have shields instead you have stamina which turns the screen red has you get hit, get hit enough and your health goes down, lose all your health and you die. Yeah it’s the original Halo except with a red screen instead of a shield bar. You will also have to find med kits has well because you know finding those in the original Halo was such a tedious pain in the ass that we just wanted them to bring it back again, thanks Bungie.

Ok to be fair there are a lot of med kits around and you usually don’t have to search to hard to find one, but still the gameplay flowed a lot better Halo 2 and 3 by not having them. The whole FPS genre got rid of these things because of the additions that Halo brought why take a step back and add them in it makes no sense. Add in your motion sensor is gone in its place you get a fancy flash light that gives a red hue on enemies but only in dark places, in light places it casts so much glare that it blinds you making it worthless.

I guess I should mention it does have one small addition I guess and that there is an open world map sort of. Between stages you will be playing has the rookie looking for the next item to trigger the next linear stage. During these scenes there is an open world map, granted no side quests or anything really open up it’s just finding the next point on the map, but it does give a feeling of openness that the other Halo games just don’t have. Too bad it’s dead and empty but it is there.

This is the most open Halo game but there's nothing to do in the open world really.
This is the most open Halo game but there's nothing to do in the open world really.

So with no new weapons, bad guys, nerf abilities, and inclusion of things that we never wanted back you probably think I hate this game. Surprisingly no; yeah it is like I said the Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded of the Halo series but it’s still fun to play, there some unique and fun stages to play through and some nice events that happen in this game. Would I ever recommend paying 60 dollars for it…No but I have paid more for worse DLC and downloadable games than this.


Yeah it’s pretty much Halo 3 with the exception of the New Mombasa areas pretty much a lot of things from the weapons, to the enemies are all recycled from Halo 3. The city set pieces do look nice however and it’s nice to see more urban environments we don’t really see those a whole lot in Halo games.


Some good voice acting I guess a lot of the actors for this game came the show fire fly which I never watch. Still they all sound good and act there parts well. Same awesome Halo sound track has always.

Final Recommendation.

Halo ODST is a skippable game don’t get me wrong on that part. None of the story matters, it offers nothing new from Halo 3 at least in a good and solid complete way. But there’s still some fun sections to be had. Has a standalone game it’s a bit of a failure, but has 5 dollars DLC I have paid more for worse DLC. I give it a 3 out of 5.


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