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Halo Reach Credits Offline - Earning cR Offline

Updated on November 10, 2010

Earning Credits Offline

So you are looking to start earning credits while you are offline? In Halo Reach's new credit system they allow you to earn credits by doing almost anything! This includes earning credits while you are offline. The cR you earn while offline count just as much and can be used to purchase the exact same things as earning them through online methods. I have also written a guide to farming Halo Reach credits online- Farming Halo Reach Credits

And if you do not already understand the credit system check out this other article-The Halo Reach Credit System

Okay, now that we should understand the credit system, we are looking to making more credits. This article focuses on the many separate ways of gaining credits offline.

Farming Credits on Sword Base

Earning Halo Reach Credits Offline

So for some reason you have been stuck offline with no access to anyone else. This however is not too much of a bad thing! Some of the best ways of earning credits are done offline. It does help however to have a buddy with you or it could get extremely boring farming credits by yourself. Lets list some ways you can earn halo reach credits offline.

Campaign - Yep, you earn credits from playing the campaign. As mentioned above, this should try to be done with a friend so that you do not bore yourself to quitting. You can earn a considerable amount of credits if you can finish the campaign level in time and amount a good bunch of medals in the process. Your whole goal, however, is to finish the last level. You will get a HUGE bonus of cR when you finish the campaign.

Forge and Multiplayer - You can get some credits by toying around in forge or in multiplayer as well. A way to farm credits would be to set your controller up to start and end games so you can earn credits offline all of the time.

More Halo Reach Articles about Earning Credits

Here is a compilation of all of my article I wrote about Halo Reach. They include everything from halo reach credit farming tips to explanations of how certain systems work like the Arena System and the Credit System.

Go check out all of my Halo Reach Articles!

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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      halo player is right. Bungie made halo reach to have fun. NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Halo player 5 years ago

      Everyone just don't cheat it's worthless cheating doesn't make it easy don't believe me? Try cheating on firefight

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      sorry it was a borihg cheat

    • Streno profile image

      Streno 5 years ago from Fort Myers, FL

      For all of you that don't get Cr points (offline) The reason of this is because, Once you have gone on Xbox live(at all) On your account and then for some reason go offline. You will NOT receive anymore Cr points then 50-60 Roughly. Bungie made this credit system to stop Cr farmers. What you will have to do is either, Get more Xbox live or make A whole new account for (Offline) only. Hope this helped.

    • profile image

      Gary 5 years ago

      I just found out you gain 33,447cR by just putting in this secret code. rt. trigger lt. trigger back button rt.trigger and then put it in backwords

    • profile image

      random 5 years ago

      a guy that is mildly confuesed,u have to be connected to live if you got the update.i don't think so cause i done the codes 2.

      a guy,if u get a medal that's commendation which makes the cr pop up if connected to live.

    • profile image

      random 5 years ago

      ive gotten banned by bungie online from earning cr so i can only earn offline but i only get like 90 or 75 cr nomater how long i play for. i got banned for nothing. but the best way offline without a xbox live acount is probably firefight and campaing. i got a offline profile too but i want to play online to offline profile is a brigader. my gamertag is:gamefreak no4.

    • profile image

      a guy that is mildly confused 5 years ago

      this is errellivant but im confused..... ive unlocked jun's and carter's helm for my avatar and can't use them....why ,also i have the anniversary and i wanted to know if i go online and use my codes to get the chief avatar armor, grunt funeral skull, map pack will it reset my reach account?

    • profile image

      a guy 5 years ago

      when ever i kill some one with a turet or vehical or target lokater or gernades it gives me no cr points

    • profile image

      mavsa 5 years ago

      offline credits is time you don't get more from getting a heap of medals it is just how long you paly it works out to be about 4000 cr an hour

    • profile image

      Lucario 5 years ago

      I had that rivalry with my brother. He was a captain grade 3, and he still is. I am now a general. You just gotta play with someone and own them. Either that, or firefight with a crapload of elite generals. Try to get both headshots and assassinations.

    • profile image

      EpicHaloMaster 6 years ago

      GruntApocolypse-Invincible-Rocket Launcher- Lots of cR

    • profile image

      wailedostrich 6 years ago

      ive been playing forge world and making big maps

    • profile image

      ripcord 6 years ago

      if you don't have online profile you need to go to firefight turn on legendary go into base traits go invesible and go on kill them all. KILL THEM ALL

    • profile image

      Posted 6 years ago

      If you don't have xbox live (like me) and you know what you are doing, you or you and a friend can just spam play the last level (not lone wolf) for roughly 10,000 credits each time you finish on heroic. If you want to speed things up, have one of you hang back with a ranged weapon and provide cover fire from a distance, while the other guy runs in like an idiot and tries to do as much damage as possible before he kills himself, respawns, and tries to punch another grunt in the face. Easy, fun, and efficient cR farming.

    • profile image

      Fahn 6 years ago

      Online: Play a crap-load of Rocketfight, Fiesta Fight and Gruntpacolypse.

      Offline: Beat the campaign solo on legendary, forge, and custom firefight.

      I have an online profile (I'm Brig Grade 1) but I recently had to cancel my LIVE because I need money for gas and school, so I created an offline account just to mess around on. I am completing the campaign solo on legendary (again) and turning the Tough Luck and Catch skulls on (extra grenades/score multiplier). On average, I'm earning over 3000 cR per mission not including the extra cR from medals and kills.

      Also, you can earn 800 cR easy just from hanging out on forge for 10-15 minutes.

    • profile image

      you 6 years ago

      Look, I know you shouldn't cheat but my sister is a sergeant grade 1 and I am still a private. i'm gettng desperate now!

    • profile image

      j-lo 6 years ago

      listen to sean and DOG if you want to get easy cr. leave the game on while in a forge game for about 1.5 or 2 hours and depending on your rank you should get thousands of cr and the higher your rank the more you get but there is a maximum amount of cr that you can get and this is also based on your level. i am a colonel rank 3 and the max i can get is about 12,000

    • profile image

      hippy gamer 6 years ago

      Halo is an ubundant estuary of valuable resources that can aid you in your pointless quests. Whatever you do, at least have fun doing it. Don't bore yourselves like this. Do it the old fashion way and kick your brother's ass in a game of slayer. Your welcome.

    • profile image

      smartie lol 6 years ago

      yea but both of you sit home all day and night being losers

    • profile image

      X192 6 years ago

      I agree with halo master, i am only a major grade three and have played the campaign time and time again on heroic. I have also made some pretty cool maps on forge world.

    • profile image

      Halo master 6 years ago

      those of you who do not cheat at halo, play on campaign. on easy, you get about 2000 (depending on your rank) on normal, about 4000, heroic 4500 legendary 5000. I think on campaign you get even more credits the longer you are on a mission

    • profile image

      Halo master 6 years ago

      STOP TRYING TO CHEAT AT HALO! I have never done any of that stupid stuff like leaving it on forge for an hour or anything like that. All i have done is play campaign firefight and forge (p.s when i play forge or firefight i actually play it) and i am a Field Marshall

    • profile image

      beagle man 6 years ago

      i have found that a easy way is firefight...make it so u can't die...300 damge all tha stuff shelids don't matter and reset the first wave to jackel snipers when u start find a nice spot to sit and get hit...go do something for an hour and 15 min come back and wellla...ull make out ur credit earnige..the more u rank up the more u earn in that same time a general level 4 and im earning about 17448 a round for a 75 min time frame....

    • profile image

      i clarrk 6 years ago

      Hey beat tip of spear then load 2 part and have it on legendary almost all skulls on kill in the falcon and then revert last save over and over

    • profile image

      sean 6 years ago

      hi i find it is a great idia if u play forge and lev it on but rap something around the bothe angalags to make it move this way the it will not come up with plz reconect controla

      also to get even move make a pro no connectis to live and do same as abuv as u have not connectid to liv the cr systime will have no uploaded :cool:

    • profile image

      DUUUUUUDE98 6 years ago

      this is usually only good for online but for offline here's a good technique: Go in forge(make sure it is Forge World) make a platform fill it with killballs, explosives, ect. then put spawn points there save. GO TO CUSTOM GAMES load that map go to game settings put points all the way up for Deaths start the game and leave for an hour and a half come back atleast 14,000 CR at a time

    • profile image

      legion 6 years ago

      what about when you have gone on xbox live and played reach, then go offline and not ever go online again (don't ask)and when you have played a lot offline (earning the small ammounts of credits) and it says "offline score limit reached" ????

    • profile image

      chris 7 years ago

      why is it that i was major grade three off line and as soon as i join xbox live they take away 400k of my credits and purchaces (armory)

    • profile image

      TheBaker 7 years ago

      In the new reach fire fight there is gruntpocolypse. Could you earn mass amounts of CR from that?

    • profile image

      Fuzzy 7 years ago

      I played rocketfight unlimited time with ten lives and got 8555 credits in the afteraction report and about 2000 from kills during the game itself

    • profile image

      Whoomp 7 years ago

      Save up your credits

    • profile image

      me 7 years ago

      I fyou are using an offline acount open up a custom game and make it unlimited time. Then just leave it on.

      For an online account don't use the target locater thing because you can get banned.

      What I do is go into score attack and play Sniperattack or gruntpocalypse and aim for headshots. Also try to get commendations.

    • profile image

      Shawn909 (my gamertag) 7 years ago

      Play score attack, and use the bubble shield thingy. Then you wait until you see grunts in packs... perferrabally 2's or 3's. shoot the helmets off of those one grunts that take 2 shots to kill. and hide into your bubble shield. get your shot. and you should get a lot of headshots+multi-kills. get an invincible, and you can get like 2000 credits a game.

    • profile image

      poopypants 7 years ago

      you first have to get the laser painter thing and after that move to the back. moving to the back gets you a checkpoint to where you can return after shooting marking the spots. also make sure the first skull isn't on because it doesn't allow you to revert to the last save. also if you shoot the laser both times it might give you another checkpoint not letting you revert to the one where you first got the laser. hope this helped.

    • profile image

      tfthghfghgh 7 years ago

      i tried to do the thing in the video and it didn't work WTF

    • profile image

      ap2203 7 years ago

      Another good way is to beat the campaign even on easy u get like 1000 to 2500 every level u finish i beat the campaign on legendary and got like 2500 to 3500 each mission it also depends if u get a lot of headshots killionairs and stuff like that hope u guys earn lots of credits seeyaaaaa

    • profile image

      Traeicus117 7 years ago

      An easy way of earning credits is go into firefight change the settings so you can't die, have a bottemless cup, and do 300% damage. Change all the wave setting so its are Elite Generals with all the skulls on. Change the map so its Corvette.

      I was doing that for at least half an hour and got 1000+ credits

    • profile image

      WeevilHalo 7 years ago

      That's great. i can't wait till my package gets here

    • profile image

      Mr Reach 7 years ago

      You forgot one important fact. Once you connect to xbox live and are playing reach, or be on reach when connected, your credit system resets to some crap bungie made up, where you can only gain the majority of credits from matchmaking lobbies. This means, while the offline player, who has never connected to xbox live, gains the originally set credits system's credits, the player who has connected before, only is allowed to collect up to 50-60 credits per game. PLEASE, find us a way to collect credits while offline, even though we have connected to xbox live, and have the degraded credit system.

    • profile image

      DOG 7 years ago

      I find that the best way of (farming) credits is to do nothing .... lol yeah ... nothing ... when ur not kicking ass while u play ... just sit in a forge game... over time u rack up a good amount of cr. like 3000 per hr i think....

    • profile image

      spare  7 years ago

      it is because you were using an online account and she was using an offine account

    • profile image

      Gizzy  7 years ago

      i was playing with my sis and we were on firefight ledgendary and i put on the setting so that we can't die and all that and during the game my sis did nothing and she gat 2467cr and i got only 50cr. WTF and i was the one killing that bastards

    • profile image

      Gizzy 7 years ago

      that works great.