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Halo Wars, Do's & Don'ts.

Updated on January 16, 2012

Halo Wars, what NOT to do!

Halo Wars

Hello internet people and welcome to my guide about how I think you should not play Halo Wars. Right, I won't delve straight into it, as I feel it needs some background to it, but if you don't wish to read all of this background information then just skip to the next paragraph. :) Any way, when I first picked up Halo Wars, I thought it wasn't going to be anything special. Just a normal game which I can play and then trade in at Game and then that'll be the end of it, but yet I still own Halo Wars and I still play it most nights. I really enjoy Halo Wars, and I think the main reason is because we always win. Now I shall reveal the secrets of which I believe how you should play Halo wars.

Right, I think the first thing is it get used to all of the buttons. It may seem simple and elementary but knowing all of the short cut buttons seriously help out in a game. Take for example you are scouting and you are having trouble finding your unit on the map. Use the D-Pad button to locate where your unit is quicker without wasting time. This will help enormously when you are first developing your base. The quicker you get your base up, is more of an advantage you have over your enemy.

The second thing I thing I should mention is that the most of the time I play 2v2 or 3v3, so these tips are only really applicable to these game types. Sorry 1v1ers, just not my thing! Anyway back on track. If you are playing as a 2v2, me and my friends always have one of us being General Cutter and the other person as the Prophet of Regret. Now these are the reasons why I think you should choose these two. Firstly, Cutter is the best UNSC. End of, the ability to drop ODST's beats Forge and Anders by far. If you have the technology in a game, you are always able to drop in highly classed marines, also you can still build an army which can counter your enemy. Now the reason for the Prophet is the simple reason that he doesn't use a melee attack. When you are on a 2v2, if you come across a level with sentinals, you can still take the bases out and still advance. As the Brute or the Arbiter ( Did you know Arbeiter is german for worker. Coincidence?) you are unable to attack these bases and instantly puts you at an advantage.

The next thing which I think is most important is the fact you CAN NOT WIN ON ONE BASE. I have been in so many games where people do not take other bases, be they rebel owned or just open. With more bases you are able to have more resources coming in, which means you can upgrade or men quicker and they will be better which means then you will win. You are unable to win with only one base, it's just impossible. As soon as you are able to build a barracks, or what your leader is ready, get them to take a base.

Another little hint which me and my friends use is when you are the Covenant, build 2 warehouses then your temple you can instantly upgrade your leader straight away which will but you at a greater advantage when trying to take a base from the rebels.

Right, I think I have covered the basics on how I think to play Halo Wars, of course these is many more things but I don't want to turn this into a book. I hope you get better by using these tips and believe me they do work. They put you at an instant advantage over your enemy which means 9/10 that you will win. Hope you have a good day! :) Aaron

If you like SWAT on Halo Reach then check out this Page, it's got some good tips!


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