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Halo Reach Legendary On Solo Tips

Updated on October 25, 2010

Halo Reach Legendary Solo

Completing Halo Reach on legendary by yourself may seem like a difficult task right? Well you guessed right. It is very difficult to complete Halo Reach on Solo. Legendary mode on cooperative mode is pretty hard, let alone solo. The xbox 360 achievement is worth 150 points for completing Halo Reach on legendary. Not a bad amount of points. It will take a while to complete though. A lot of patience is required to complete it. Its best to beat Halo on normal before attempting legendary so you have a feel for the games levels. Halo Reach's campaign is relatively short though. Of course the time it takes will be doubled or tripled when playing on legendary. This hub will outline some helpful tips for completing Halo Reach legendary on solo.

Aim for head shots on smaller enemies like jackals and grunts. This will save you ammo and they are fairly easy to take out

Use the shotgun to eliminate powerful enemies like elites cause they are hard to take down with basic weapons. Become as close as possible for maximum damage.

Pick enemies off from a distance when possible. Use the dmr or the sniper rifle to pick off enemies such as elites from a distance. This is good when you don't have a good close range gun. Take down the strongest enemies first.

Watch for grunts grenades. Your shields and health go down quickly on legendary, watch for grunts plasma grenades. They also tend to go suicidal sometimes and will run at you with 2 grenades in hand. Shoot them before they explode!

Do not rush on legendary! Sometimes you may get away doing this on easier difficulties. Always keep your distance when theres a lot of enemies. Only move in when its clear and you have a powerful weapon like a shotgun to eliminate stronger foes. (such as elites or hunters)

Halo Reach legendary solo tips

Enemy Covenant drop ships will fire at you sometimes. When they are dropping covenant troops they will often shoot at you to cover their troops.Take cover when they are landing the troops. Don''t get to greedy to take out enemies or you will be taken out fast. There is not much room for error when your shields and health can get taken out so fast on legendary. Wait for the ship to leave then attack!

Drive the vehicles instead of AI(computer team mates) because they don't usually drive very well. This is very important because on this difficult enemies will be very aggresive and you want to keep the vehicle intake. Drive the vehicles and let the team mates shoot. Avoid powerful shots from other covenant vehicles or you will be taken out quickly.

When on the flying space mission, make sure you are highly mobile. Fly around fast and be aggressive. Use your evade moves a lot more than you would on other difficulties. Don't allow the enemies to hit you. Continue to evade and take every opportunity to shoot other ships

Be patient. Don't worry if you die often or it takes a long time to kill enemies. Its going to be hard especially on the later levels. Just remember not to get hasty and rush in. Keep the fire up when in cover until its clear or there are significantly less enemies.

Keep an eye on ammo and pick up enemy weapons. This is a lot more important because you will burn through a lot more ammo on legendary. Look out for dead marines assault rifles or DMRs. Pick up enemy covenant enemies when your low as well. Even if your not very fond of a particular weapon. Its better to have ammo in a gun you don't like then no ammo in one you do like. Running out of ammo will leave you useless. Meleeing enemies is an absolute last resort on this difficulty.


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    • B.R.Knight profile image

      B.R.Knight 6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      awesome guide man! check out my guide too!

    • profile image

      picklesandstuff 6 years ago

      Yet another small addition. The plasma pistol can quickly become your best friend against Elites. If you charge up the plasma pistol (most lesser enemies like grunts drop them so they are easy to find) it will knock out the enemy shield and then you can quickly switch to any weapon that can get a head shot and kill what would be a tough enemy in two shots. This is extremely helpful in the early levels when your weapon selection is limited.