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Halo Reach Tips Tricks and Jumps

Updated on January 26, 2012

Reflection is a remake of an earlier Halo 2 map, and is one of the most popular and common maps to play in Matchmaking. Use this jumping guide to learn some new positions to ambush your enemies from.


Boardwalk is based around a campaign mission from Halo Reach, and most of the action while playing on this map in Matchmaking focuses around the central balcony and the long hallway off to the side of the map. This video will show you how to place yourself properly to get some interesting lines of sight around these main areas.


The Cage is a completely forged map, created by Bungie, that is probably the most popular map in Matchmaking. While the newest variant of the map, Uncaged, has a slightly altered layout, many of these jumps can still be performed.

The Cage

Asylum is another remake of a Halo 2 map, and is quite popular among die hard Halo fans. However, since the majority of the map has been created using Forge, there are a number of jumps and lines of sight that you can access that were not in the original map by using the video below.



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