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Halo Reach review: lets reach out for something diffrent lets take a look at Halo Reach.

Updated on May 30, 2016

My video review

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Halo Reach is copy right Microsoft this hub is no way affiliated with Microsoft. I captured all the footage for the video using my own game play and a capture device. The pictures are taken from the video and photoshop for some effects and text

Well I am getting sick of the master chief collection so I am going to be “reaching” out for something different before going onto Halo 4. Let’s take a look at Halo Reach.

Halo Reach is kind of a special game for a lot of Halo fans it’s the last game the original developers at Bungie made before leaving Microsoft and there is even a good bye message at the end of the game. It also has a decent story, sure it doesn’t move things further in the story has it’s a prequel but it’s got some good ideas and it doesn’t feel like it’s spinning its wheels too much. In fact elements of this story actually come out when you play Halo 4. So let’s take a look at Halo Reach.

The games story takes place right before the original Halo on the planet Reach which is humanity’s largest and most protective colony. You play has Spartan Noble 6 who doesn’t have a real name nor do you see his face but he’s not a silent protagonist he talks about has much has the master chief. The noble 6 team is call to get rid of some rebels in a mountainous area but rather than finding a rag tag group of rebels they find that the covenant has discovered and is attacking Reach. The game goes on from there describing the events and mission that take place during the fall of Reach. Every time the Noble team scores a victory it seems the Covenant strike back even harder. The game goes really dark and its atmosphere and settings towards end of the game when the whole planet is literally turn into a burning hell. And while most of the game is kind of filler it does give us some backstory on Doctor Halsey and Cortona which is used a lot in Halo 4 and 5 story lines. Overall the fall of reach makes for an enjoyable sci fi romp shooter.

Dr. Halsey giving a package to deliver to the Master Chief.

Alright the same basic gameplay elements from the Halo series can be found here only two weapons. And the Rechargeable shields are once again back in play has you are a Spartan but unfortunately you still have a health meter that does recharge a little bit when your shields go up. But finding health packs is still something you’re going to be having to be doing. It’s annoying but out of all the Halo games that went the health pack route this one is by far the least annoying with it.

Halo 2 got rid of these things they should have stayed gone

For weapons you have all the old standby ones and a few good decent ones, I like this needler assault rifle one that you can pick up. But the big things to add to your armory are the fact that you can pick up things like jet packs and shield over loads to your artillery.

The stages are for the most memorable and well done there was one or two areas I found myself lost in but I usually wound up kicking myself when I found the door right under my nose, sometimes a little too literally. That said the checkpoint system in Halo Reach is still confusing to me sometimes when you hit and don’t hit a check point can be really frustrating.

Outside of the main game there are a few extras the biggest one is Firefight which is this arcade type of game where you only have so many life’s and have to survive against stronger and stronger waves of covenant, it’s a fun distraction although a lot better if you have friends to play with.

Now I normally have skipped the online gameplay of the games found in the Master Chief collection. Partially because they suck, and also recording online games means blurring out gamer tags and all that stuff. So let me say this when I stop and play through Reach I played through several online games and it was so much fun. It’s faster and easier to start up this 6 year old game then any game in the master chief collection and the online maps and modes are fun to play with others. This games online mode will last a longer then the campaign.


Perhaps it might be the Xbox one emulation, or it could be just that I got use to the games running so smoothly on the Xbox one in the remasters but Halo Reach seems clunky but I think it’s always felt clunky. Still I like what they do with the environments Reach is a mountainous hilly planet and you see that a lot in the settings and backgrounds. And again the environments go darker it’s why I can forgive them for doing another repeated stage scenario in the way they made it go darker and seem a whole lot less friendlier when you decide to revisit the stage. The enemy builds are also slightly darker and less cartoony then we have seen in past Halo games.

Sword and Shield base 2nd time looks a lot darker.


We get some really nice voice actors, Jen Taylor plays Dr. Halsey who is an interesting character and I always like the way she voices this character it’s about has far away from Princess Peach has you can get. And some awesome music.

Final Recommendation

Halo Reach is certainly a memorable game and a good one of Bungie to go out on. After the disappointments that was Halo 3 ODST it’s nice to see Bungie was able to step it back up again for one more memorable experience it’s got good online and a really fun campaign definitely worth checking out.


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