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Microsoft’s Xbox One Gaming System: Halo

Updated on May 23, 2013

Xbox One by Microsoft

Xbox One
Xbox One | Source

The Xbox One- Release Me

Microsoft Xbox One is coming out of the production line this year. This new gaming platform is making a comeback from eight years of advanced technology installed. A new Xbox would not be complete without a new Steven Spielberg directed,”Halo”. This gaming platform will attract more consumers than any other home gaming system out of production. “Call of Duty”, another notable Xbox game will also be released with this new gaming system. This is what the people want, and Microsoft could not pick a better time to make a press release about this new home gaming platform. The Xbox One is able to manage all your entertainment needs with one system.

The 65 billion dollar gaming industry could not be happier with this new release of Microsoft’s gaming system. The “Halo” player is also convenient and willing to voice interact with this gaming system. Yes, voice activation comes along with the Xbox one, and eight gigabytes of memory will enrich your playing experience. A Kinect sensor is used to create life with one’s desire to utilize this system. You can also move your arms and hands around to simulate actions in this Xbox One. A perfect Xbox gaming console that will be way far ahead of it’s release date.

Of course, Microsoft windows will be enabled on this gaming machine, and storage of your favorite games will be on a cloud based structure. With 46 million gamers already online with the present Xbox systems, there will be plenty of room for you also to enjoy this online, entertainment machine. The release date is scheduled for this year, no specific month has been announced as of this writing. The year 2013 will not be forgotten, when Microsoft introduces this gaming system to market.

Xbox One 2013

Halo New- Xbox One

Halo New- Xbox One
Halo New- Xbox One | Source

One Xbox One

Pre-sales of this Xbox One will not be an option at this point. Imagine the hundreds of dollars people will be giving up to buy this entertainment system. The system has no set price as of yet, and the new games will have a pre-release before the actual system is available to order or purchase. Reality of 1080ip screen resolution while playing a game will be intense to view. The sound quality,impeccable with the new technology enhancements coming in this Xbox One console.

There will be download content to play while in transition from the old platform to the new. This should keep your interest in the Xbox system and tease you to want more. With the AMD chip and 500GB hard drive on the Xbox One, there is doubt that this will cost you some green backs. It does not seem the economy is that tough when people go shelling out money for the Microsoft products. Hopefully, most will not overspend and forget there is a plaque in our economy. Those shelling out the money must be wealthy to keep up with our technology that keeps blinding the reality of people that are being laid off around the country.

No matter what you make, if you want the new Xbox One, you will find a way to purchase it. You will have the excuses ready as to why you need it. Addiction to the gaming industry products for Sony and Microsoft is at the highest mark. Can’t seem to get the kids or adults outside of their houses anymore. The new Xbox will virtually throw you into a medium where you will not want to leave your 60” flat screen and 7.1 surround sound system. The electricity in the air for this new Microsoft product is stunning the public, and they want this gaming system yesterday. Microsoft and Sony alike love this attitude and Nintendo are following up with their new gaming system. What a world we live in, and rightfully so, to play games.


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