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Hands-On: MVC3 License Card

Updated on March 30, 2011
Here's the License Card in all its virtual bragging rights glory
Here's the License Card in all its virtual bragging rights glory

Welcome back to Hands-On, the articles that talk about games and my own personal experience playing with said features. Now that MVC3 has been out for a couple of weeks, the license card shouldn't be new to you, but in case that you might be one of those who don't know what the license card is or you want a quick recap, this article is for you.

The Card Itself -  By your gamertag, you notice many other pieces hovering in the upper left corner. You can choose your icon played by Ryu in this example, your title which you gain through gameplay(more on that later). Passed the little MVC3 to the right is your online rank, which is affected by Ranked Matches in PSN and XBOX Live.

Below that is your reserve unit, you can have three of them saved to your profile at a time and makes character selection much quicker if you're using the same three characters. Below that is your win-to-loss ratio and the last item for the left side of the card is your history reminding you of your most recent achievements in-game.

On the right is your Player Points also earned through gameplay. The large pie graph indicates your style of play showing your offensive and defensive skills, Lastly is what title you're closest to get. Set your icon with Square or X Button, Set your title with Triangle or Y Button, PS3 and XBOX respectively.

The Other Options - This card is only the first of five screens. The second screen lists all the characters you've played, how many times you've played them displayed in numbers and percentages. Third Screen is where you set your three reserve units, select your character, their color, and their assists. Fourth Screen shows all the technical data of your profile, check it out if you're really interested or in need of a sleeping pill. Fifth Screen shows all your friends from either PSN or Live.

And that's the License Card in a nutshell. Thank you for reading this, dear reader and have a good day or evening.


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