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Hard Rock Cafe Pins

Updated on February 18, 2010

Collecting Hard Rock Cafe Pins

It seems to be a part of human nature to collect things, though we vary greatly in the sort of things we collect. Many people have long collected badges and lapel pins such as baseball trading pins. A firm favourite with many collectors are the Hard Rock Café pins.

Now with over one hundred Hard Rock cafes all over the world and pins being issued for all sorts of occasions, like new café openings naturally, but also holidays like Christmas, Easter Fourth of July, Mardi gras and St Patrick’s Day to name just a few. You can see there is a wide variety of pins available to whet the appetite of pin collectors the world over.

Again some of them will be for pin trading and collecting in general while others will specialise. There are also those lucky individuals who live in a city which has a Hard Rock café; some of them will buy pins for the express purpose of selling them to collectors. These individuals may add a small charge to the cost to cover their time waiting in line to buy pins, but hey it’s cheaper than you having to travel the world to add to your collection.

As well as all the websites run by pin collectors and traders The official Hard Rock Café website now has a section dedicated to pin collectors, or as the HRC calls them “pinatics”. This section of the website has a pin catalogue to help you in your search for that elusive pin you need for your collection.

As mentioned earlier Hard Rock Café Pins are produced to celebrate openings and holidays, they are also issued to commemorate special events such as sporting occasions and if you can get them there are also Staff pins.

As with all collectible items there will be some one out there wiling to con you and steal your money or your prized pins, so if you want to trade pins internationally, take great care and look out also for fake pins.


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  • customlapel profile image

    customlapel 6 years ago from Kissimmee, Florida

    All these custom made pins have their unique appearance and appeal. People love them.