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Harry Potter Toys

Updated on August 30, 2012

To play like Harry Potter you have to look the part! Check out your very own magical wand! In the Harry Potter Accessory Kit you too can own the wand and Harry Potter glasses. This item received four out of five stars during customer reviews. Parents state the glasses look just like Harry Potter's!


Harry Potter Accessories Kit

 If you are really all about the wand then this is the wand for you!  This illuminating wand is 14 inches long.  Wave it once and the light goes on.  Wave it again and the light goes off!  It received an average of four and a half stars out of five form 11 customer reviews. Customers like the features on this wand. You can adjust the light brightness with a cleverly hidden switch.  You can also turn your light on by taping the end of it.  It takes three AAA batteries.

 The Harry Potter LEGO Castle is a favorite for any Harry Potter fan!  1, 290 LEGO pieces make up Hogwart's  Castle that you can assemble!  There are many accessories that come with this castle. 12 characters including Harry Potter himself.  In Dumbledor's study there is the sorting hat.  In another part of the Castle are secret sliding stairs. There is a lot of amazing detail in this Castle such as Tom Riddle's Book and a fireplace with Sirius Black's face. Customers gave this LEGOS building set four out of five stars.  One customer warns that there are three instruction booklets that come with this kit, but it is well worth the patience.  Another customer was astounded tht there was an olwery included in the tower.  A lot of detail!

 The Lego Hogwarts Game is for two to four players. Players have to navigate their was through the moving  stairs and secret passage ways to collect their homework form each room. 9 micro figurines come with this set as well as 332 LEGO pieces. The LEGO Hogwarts Game received four and a half stars out of five from 34 customer reviews. The parents who reviewed this game loved that fact you got to build your game before you played it. Another mom appreciated the fact that the box the game comes in is big enough to store the game put together, but small enough to put away

 One of the newest Hasboro games out there is the Harry Potter Clue board game.  Bring your family together as you discover the secrets of Hogwarts Castle.  The Clue game is adapted to Harry Potter theme.  A student has vanished from Hogwart's school of Wizardry.  It is up to you to find out  who dunnit.  Make your way to Dumbeldore's den to announce your solution.  But watch out! The board game actually has hidden passage ways and moving stairs to thwart you! This game is recommended for ages nine and up.  The Harry Potter Clue game received four and half stars out of five from 44 customer reviews.  One parent stated purchasing this game was a very smart purchase.

 this is a neat and different version of Clue that should please Clue and Harry Potter fans alike. But thanks to the House Point aspect, it's the first version of Clue I've seen where so many people lose before the game is over!

Harry Potter Diagon Alley Board Game

The object of the board game Harry Potter Diagon Alley game is to race your opponent up and down to each store to collect all the things you will need for wizardry school. You will need to visit shops to purchase an owl, a wand, a cape, a spell book , a potion bottle and a cauldron. You have to hurry before items sell out. You will have to visit Gringotts Wizard Bank to get enough money to purchase your items. Beware of being sent to Knockturn alley! The game comes with a wizards hat for the board piece and a trunk to hold all the pieces you collect from the shops. Eleven customer reviews gave this game four and half stars out of five. Customers were very impressed with the craftsmanship of the the game itself. Parents also liked the fact this game was easy to learn. Other parents commented on how fun it was to have magic spells to cast.

The Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts Game is brought to us by Mattel.  The game sort of resembles the game Clue.  The object is to get through the wizardry school and guess what three items are in Fluffy's folder.  You need to beware the ghost who can send you back to the start!  The game has been called attractive and well designed.  It has received very favorable reviews from customers.  It has received four and half stars out of five.  Parents state it is a lot like Clue but very well made.  Parents liked the pictures on the game cards.  One reviewer stated hew liked this game so much that he played for 11 games straight!

 The Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone Trivia Game.  Reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit  this game has a few potter twists.  Collect charms as you answer questions and round the board.  But beware! Your opponent can throw a curse at you!  Don't worry if yo are not up on your Harry Potter Trivia, you can still play this game. Several features offer some multiple choice questions and Think Like Hermonie cards ( that allow you to answer another person's question!)  This game is popular!  It averaged four and half stars out of five from 25 customer reviews. One customer stated if you love the books you wil love the game!  Another parent found this a sneaky way to get their child to love to read.

Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Trivia Game

The Harry Potter and Dumbledore Year two box set contains a set of two seven inch figures, Dumbledore and Harry Potter.  The likeness is taken from the movie Chamber of Secrets, as if Harry Potter was conducting a spell from Dumbledore's den.    44 customers rated this figurine set four and a half stars out of five.

The Harry Potter Ron Weasley Order of the Phoenix Action Figure is a popular collector's item.  He stands seven inches tall.  Customers gave this figurine five out of five stars!

The Harry Potter Hermoine Granger Order of the Phoenix Action figure is very realistic.   She is seven inches tall and received five out of five stars from a customer review.   The collector liked the fact that this Hermoine came with two wands.


Several Action Figures are available from Harry Potter's newest movie, the Deathly Hallows. The Action figures are large seven inches and the characters are based on the movie. They are fully pose able. You can purchase Harry Potter himself or Severus Snape. There is a three pack where you can purchase Harry Potter Severus Snape and the Werewolf Greyback all together. These are going fast!

 Check out the Mini Figures by LEGO.  All of your favorite Harry Potter characters have been miniaturized by LEGO for 2010.  There are many to choose from, Harry Potter of course, Hermoine,  Draco Malfoy, and Professor Dumbledore. These items are going fast so get them while you can! LEGO Harry Potter 2010 Mini Figures make a great stocking stuffer!


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