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Harry Potter Wands, The Types of Magic Wands at Ollivanders Magic Wand Shop Inside Harry Potter Land

Updated on September 24, 2010

Ollivanders magic wand shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

One of the most popular shops inside the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter park at Universal Studios is Ollivander's magic wand shop. Everyone wants a Harry Potter magic wand. But just how many different magic wands are there? What does each one do? What are Harry Potter wands made out of? What is each Ollivander's magic wands called? Let's find out!

Right at the moment you can only buy a Harry Potter magic wand at one of two places inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Ollivander's magic wand shop and a cart they have put by the side of it. However they seem to be changing things fast since the merchandise is going so well. So in time I'm sure you can buy Harry Potter wands in other places inside the park.

Not only can you just buy a magic wand inside Ollivander's shop, but they also put on a show for every 25th or so kid who tries to buy one. Basically the wand shop keeper ask the child some questions and then has a wand pick the child, just like in the Harry Potter movie.

However it has been so packed inside the shop with people trying to buy a Harry Potter wand that they have been rushing through that part. You can buy two different types of magic wands, Harry Potter character wands and the wands that you buy as your very own.

Harry Potter magic wands

Collectible Harry Potter Character magic wands

You can buy collectible character Harry Potter wands at Ollivander's magic wand shop. These are replicas of the magic wands that Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and other major character's from the Harry Potter movies used.

You can even buy Harry Potter character magic wands in collectible gift sets. These are very popular, and prices are around $30.00 per magic wand. The wands are very detailed and come with their own magic wand box.

You also can pick from many different magic wands at Ollivander's wand shop to buy as your very own. Supposedly no two wands are the same, but for the most part there are around 20 different Harry Potter wands. However I'm sure they will make more different kinds in the future.

Harry Potter collectible wands


Professor Snape wand with collectors case


Ollivander's Magic Wands Names, Sizes And Types

When you buy a personal Harry Potter wand from Ollivander's magic wand shop at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park you have many to choose from. Each magic wand has different magical properties, names and sizes. The core is supposed to be made of different things also, which is what gives the wand it's unique magical power.

For example there is the Holly wand, which has the ability to enhance other forms of magic and is 15 inches long. The Rowan magic wand has psychic energies and is associated with healing, 16 inches long. The vine magic wand has ambition and inspiration powers and is 15 inches long.

So what are Harry Potter wands sold at Ollivander's wand shop made of? Many have asked if the Harry Potter wands at Ollivander's magic wands shop are made of real wood and if they are made of different kinds of wood. I can't be sure, but from what I have heard from friends that work at Universal they are all made from sculpted resin, sorry.

If you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park at Universal Studios, make sure you stop into Ollivander's magic wand shop and buy a magic wand. Get a collectible Harry Potter character wand or set, or pick out a personal magic wand that is made just for you! Harry Potter wands make great gifts for Harry Potter fans too.


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    • Bill Manning profile image

      Bill Manning 6 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

      You can find just about all the major HP character wands at The Wizarding word of Harry Potter.

    • profile image

      nooob 6 years ago

      whose wands can you get(the character wands)

    • profile image

      WWEhp&dragonballz 6 years ago

      The wands inside ollivanders are wood but the replicas in a cart outside of ollivanders are made of reisin if u want to swing ur wand around and stuff don't buy the replicas they are very fragile not just a little like it's a rip off but the wands inside ollivanders are great wands

    • Bill Manning profile image

      Bill Manning 6 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

      The plain ones are also about the same price as above.

    • profile image

      Charlotte 6 years ago

      What about a plain out ollivanders wand like the one that looks wooden

    • Bill Manning profile image

      Bill Manning 7 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

      The cost of the wands depends on what type they are. You can get personal wands or replicas of the Harry Potter characters wands. So around $19.00 to $32.00 each.

    • profile image

      HPrules 7 years ago

      how much are they???

    • profile image

      Josh 7 years ago

      The whole park is amazing but that beats the whole park! I've recently got back and it's a must for all potter fans !! And yeah the wands may be expensive but it's worth it, eiter get one of your own ( which is based on your birth month ) or a replica of the characters wands :)

    • profile image

      Justin 7 years ago

      That's so cool

    • profile image

      poop 7 years ago

      get more wands NOW!