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Harvest Moon 3ds games we love

Updated on January 19, 2016

Harvest Moon 3D is a great game for the 3DS

Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning
Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning

Top Harvest Moon Games for the 3DS

Why games like harvest moon?

Harvest moon goes way back. This was the game before farmville. Harvest Moon 3ds is no different. This was a really nice game. I think they made this game easier to play. I understand they are trying to get more people to play Harvest Moon. I f all this seems to overwhelming you can always go to the harvest moon wiki.

This harvest moon game goes way back. I always wanted to get the game for the SNES and the N64. I need to have a collection of all the Harvest Moon games. It really is a great game to pass the time buy. I could play this game the whole day if my eyes would last that long.

What can you do in the harvest moon game?

There are plenthy things to do in the harvest moon game like

  • Growing crops
  • Ranching lifestock
  • Having Pets
  • Festivals
  • Gathering Materials
  • Getting married, having children

The Lost Valley on the 3DS

Harvest Moon The Lost Valley
Harvest Moon The Lost Valley

Check out Trailer for The Lost Valley 3DS

Why you should love the Lost Valley

Natsume has done it again. I can't wait for this game to come out. Th Harvest moon franchise has been around for a while. This version of the game has had the tools and the menu redone. You can go up to a tree and press the "a" button and your character will cut down the tree. You don't have to go into your inventory and select the axe to cut the tree down the game will just recognize it.

I hate when I am on a mission and I have to cut some wood and then I have to go back to the shed because my axe was in my shed and not in my inventory where I needed it to be. People are also saying that the inventory has been changed so you can now hold more items. I also have heard that the animals in the game will be will be able to learn some skills. You have the option to pick elegant animals. (higher maintenance) animals for a hefty price. If you sell some good chicken or milk from an elegant animal then you get higher prices for the goods. Sprites are still there and they can do other jobs for you so you can do other things. Check out Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

In this game you will get to the play this game in a three dimensional setting that has not been done on this franchise. You will be able to customize you are any way you want. It is going to have a minecraft feel to it. You can design your world the way you want. I can wait until this drops. I always have a spot in my heart for any Harvest Moon game.

Why we love Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning

Harvest Moon 3D a new beginning
Harvest Moon 3D a new beginning

Why we love Harvest Moon on any DS

What do you play harvest moon on?

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Why we love Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning

A new beginning in 3D. This is like the previous versions or the harvest moon franchises. If you have played the game before than you can skip the tutorial, but if you don't have anything to do then you can watch it. I watched mine. I also find it easier to craft items in this game. That really helped me out a lot.

Even though this game was on the Nintendo 3ds game it really made me think like I was on a farm. It also has me thinking that I could live on my own farm and become self sufficient. I hated having to push my animals around. Natsume you should have a better way of doing this. I just want to warn you that the game starts out slowly but gets better with time. Start your day with a new beginning on the 3ds Harvest Moon that is.

Other Harvest Moon Games We love on DS

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
Harvest Moon DS
Harvest Moon:Island of Happiness
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
Harvest Moon DS Cute
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming


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