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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Guide- The Rich Yellow Bell!

Updated on June 6, 2013

Welcome, internet! I mentioned in the last part of the guide that we were going to go after Ben's bell. I was mistaken. Today, we'll be going after Collin's bell, and restoring the power of the earth, as well as bringing back Taylor, Anissa, Calvin, Pheobe (if you didn't go to the Garmon Upper Mines already. I didn't.) And we'll be able to farm shining crops, the highest possible quality! So, let's begin.

First, you'll be able to see two beaches on your farm. One to the left, toward Harmonica Town, and another to the right, close to Flute Fields. You'll want to head to the one by Flute Fields. You'll know it when you see the path splitting south-east. On the shoreline, you'll stretch and enjoy the ocean view when Finn notices something a few yards over. It's a rusty yellow bell. What would something like that be doing here? Perhaps it was washed ashore? A little spark and a faded character reveals that it's the yellow bell! Collin floats in front of you, exhausted and faded, trying to cheer up with a joke. It's not a good joke, but he tried. He explains that he'll be okay, and just needs some rest. This isn't entirely true, considering he's making bad jokes, but you should hold on to the bell anyway.

he's all faded and sad. of course, if my best joke was "why did the chicken cross the road?" I'd be sad, too...
he's all faded and sad. of course, if my best joke was "why did the chicken cross the road?" I'd be sad, too...

Let's Save Collin!

With no explanation of what could have caused Collin to look this terrible, you stash the bell in your rucksack and carry on. Maybe the Harvest Goddess would know something about helping Collin. Be sure to note that down, but first, go into Flute Fields, and to Marimba Farm if they're open when you get the bell. If you have the Cash, buy 15 lettuce seeds, and 15 bags of decent fertilizer. If you don't have the money banked for it, don't worry too much. But with all that in hand, make your way to the Harvest Goddess.

The Goddess is just as worried about Collin as you are! What should we do? Actually, it's not that hard. Turns out, the Goddess explains that bathing the bell in moonlight will restore it's power. However, you can only do this where moonlight gathers. There are three areas, but the Goddess only knows about the one in the Garmon Mine District. She mentions a “legendary stone tablet” that tells where they all are (not sure what's so legendary about it, but okay) and then it's time to find these dastardly stones! Remember when she knew one was at the Garmon Mine District? Remember that house high up clenched to the mountainside, just above the blacksmith's shop? There was a funny looking circular thing up there. Maybe we should check that out.

I would be honored! (Men will do anything for beautiful women, huh?)
I would be honored! (Men will do anything for beautiful women, huh?)

The Moon's Mysterious...Oh, Hi Calvin. Phoebe.

As you work your way up the ramp, a scene will begin. This is where you ladies will meet Calvin, one of the well dressed men out of the bachelors (well, he has an awesome outfit, at least.) He'll tell you about how he's been researching some strange moonlight stones, E.G. that little circle that we were going to look at. He mentions how there are tons of different legends about this place, but you don't really buy it (seriously?) He shows you an old stone tablet that he found on the mountain as proof, then gives it to you under the notion that you may need it. There's an interesting rumor for you ladies to bear in mind if you like Calvin. It's rumored that if you get rid of the stone tablet by any means, he won't accept your proposal even at full hearts. I don't think this is true, since you can't ship the item, set it on the ground, or throw it away in the rucksack menu, but it sounds like an interesting thing to try.

Oh well, for now, we're going to do one of two things. If you timed it right, meaning got the tablet around 18:00 (6 PM) you can examine the stones while holding Collin's bell. If you didn't, it wouldn't hurt to pass the time. Try foraging when in and around the Garmon Mine District. Early on in the game, foraging can be your best source of income, especially considering how little stamina you have right now. The mushrooms and herbs may not sell for much, but they don't require any stamina, and respawn the next day. If you still want to waste time (you can do these things. It's a pretty easy game) you can go into the mines and forest to do some foraging for mushrooms.

Speaking of mines, we haven't met Pheobe yet. Well, you may have already. If so, good. If not, let's go to the mine for a bit. There's a lit path on the right (if you haven't already noticed) which will lead to the Upper Garmon Mine. Take this way up to floor 5, and you'll meet Pheobe. She is kneeling over in the rocks looking for Rare ore. This is a hint to something she loves. She adores rare ore and rare metal, so keep this in mind if you want to marry her, and aren't worried about upgrading tools past gold. She'll introduce herself, and explain that she hadn't been home for a while. She's certain that her father is worried about her. She must do this regularly. Anyway, with that out of the way, go ahead and leave the mine, or stay and mine if you choose.

Cool hat, Bro.
Cool hat, Bro.
I've always been more attracted to nerdy girls, but Phoebe just doesn't seem to attract me very well. Also, is it me, or is that a Triforce pin on her shirt?
I've always been more attracted to nerdy girls, but Phoebe just doesn't seem to attract me very well. Also, is it me, or is that a Triforce pin on her shirt?

Okay, Bell Therapy Time!

Now that you've gotten everything out of the way for the time being, let's get started energizing that bell! First, you should take note that you can only energize the bell when the moon is out. Meaning it has to be a sunny day. If it's raining or stormy, you won't be able to examine the moonstones. By now, you probably made that tablet useless by reading it, or you've already seen these stones, and know exactly where they are. The tablet says “Catch moonlight at the mine, a musical field, and a house of light. These can't be too cryptic if you're a gamer, or have a high school diploma (bad insult. I'm sorry).You already know about the stone at the mine, so that leaves the house of light and the musical field. Musical field...what do they mean by that? Well, let's look. Harmonica Town, Ocarina Inn, Sonata Tailoring...sounds like most of the places around the town have a musical reference. There's also Flute Fields...That was way more obvious than we made it.

There's a stone just like the one at the mine over by Horn Ranch. In fact, you should see it right on the way into the ranch, just across from the baby boar, which is a wild pet you can tame. Remember, you have to do it when the moon is out, so wait until around 18:00 before you go here. If it's raining, well, you know.

Anyway, The last one is at the lighthouse. Much like meeting the townsfolk, you can do these in any order you choose, as long as the conditions are met. When you've restored the last bit of power to Collin, he'll pop out of your hands, fading in from his bell. He'll thank you, then ask you to help him ring the bell. Of course, we need to know where the frame is, Collin! No clue? He doesn't either. He remembers it was “past a gate at a farm” and that “There was a mopy looking man, and an uptight woman...yup!” Simon is pretty Mopy, especially when he gets worried about his daughter. But Simon doesn't own a farm. Who else owns a farm and can be described as mopy? How about Craig. He owns Marimba Farm, and Ruth seems pretty uptight, especially considering I've never seen her smile. Maybe they'll know something.

...Good to know you're feeling better, Collin...
...Good to know you're feeling better, Collin...

Just a Few More Favors...

When you walk into Marimba Farm, You'll find Ruth Nagging on about her husband. It would seem he's been exceptionally lazy lately, and they don't have any crops to ship. With her husband in his current slump, there's not much that can get done around this farm. Good thing video game logic magically makes you the hardest worker ever, huh? It would seem YOU can help her out! You need to bring her ten of one of four different crops, depending on which is in season. You can grow Lettuce, Tomato, Pumpkin, or Buckwheat. There is one condition, though. It has to be good quality or better. You can give perfect crops, as well, but you'll find that shining crops are unavailable until you ring the yellow bell, so let's go grow some good crops!

A nice little tip from me, don't just plant ten crops and hope they all come out good. This is time consuming, and you could profit more from more crops. But if you're adamant, do as you please. Also, if you manage to get a god haul in from shipped crops, go to the farm some time and buy fertilizer. Even decent fertilizer can help you get better crops. You can spread fertilizer on any soil that you own (you have to buy the farm and river plots) in order to raise your chances of getting the crops you need or want.

I didn't notice the innuendo in this until after I took the shot. I don't mind older Women, Ruth. But...well, you're married...and have two kids...and one is my age...and an eligible bachelorette...
I didn't notice the innuendo in this until after I took the shot. I don't mind older Women, Ruth. But...well, you're married...and have two kids...and one is my age...and an eligible bachelorette...

Almost Done!

Okay, it took way longer than expected, but We finally got the ten good (or better) seasonal crop. Once Ruth receives all ten, nagging about her husband the whole way, she'll ask if you needed something. Nah, we were just fine, right? Didn't need to restore the dying power of earth by ringing a bell, right? We just wanted to hear you nag about your husband! (if you said this without any sarcasm, you may be the reason for this place dying to begin with...) You'll inquire about the bell frame, and she'll mention that she knows of something like that in the fields behind their farm, and point out that the gate is opened now (like magic, huh?) So, go and head through the gate, and you'll see Craig kneeling before the bell frame. Seems he is more concerned about the soil than we first thought. He's praying to the Harvest Goddess through the bell frame, hoping she can hear him. Which begs the question: why doesn't anyone go to the Goddess Spring to pray to her? She's literally just standing there, whether they can see her or not. They even mention how the tree is supposed to be connected to the Goddess, so why not pray to it if you love your goddess so much? Nonetheless, he blushes for some reason, and leaves you alone with the frame. This should explain itself, but I wouldn't be very good at writing a guide if I let you all in the dark, right?

We finally found the frame. Did you have as much trouble as i did? No? Then you bought more than 15 seeds! that, or you're super lucky....
We finally found the frame. Did you have as much trouble as i did? No? Then you bought more than 15 seeds! that, or you're super lucky....

BUT...we have a job to do...

Just hold out the bell and check the frame, as if you were giving it to someone, and you'll be able to see Collin. Collin is looking much better now, and wants to have some fun and tell jokes. BUT he knows he has a mission to take care of first. Remember when you had options when ringing the red bell? This one is no different, save for the options presented. I still want to find out what happens when you choose one of the other options, but for the sake of the guide, let's just tell him to ring the bell already. We've had enough work for a day. The melody Carries throughout Marimba Farm, and in the fields all over. The soil will improve, and you can officially grow the highest possible quality crops, shining quality, with the required effort of fertilizer every now and then. Other than that, nobody cares. Talking to the people the same day as ringing the bell will simply get some banter about the green bell, which we can't even do yet. So pass the time as you see fit, and go to bed and get some rest. You deserve it after all this crap.

With the power of Earth back, let's go prepare for a life on the farm!

When you awake the next morning,You'll be paid a visit when you leave your house. Looks like Taylor is back now that the soil is better. He's going to sell seeds in his own business! You'll have to wait until you get a phone to buy seeds from him, and you'll have to pay double, but you can buy seeds that aren't usually available at the farm until certain criteria are met, so if you feel bold, go for it. In the meantime, why don't you pay a visit to Marimba Farm? Maybe you could try to grow some of those shining crops you've heard so much about. Once you get there, you'll see Craig hard at work doing his duties as a farmer. Ruth will also take notice of how he's picked up his attitude. The soil is better, and so are the farmers. But what's this? There's a new face for you to look at. Anissa is Craig and Ruth's daughter. She's a very responsible and elegant young woman. Turns out, she only knows as much about you as you do her, so it's a simple introduction, and she decides to give you some tomato seeds as a present. What a nice girl! Be careful, though. If you didn't realize, Tomatoes can only grow in the summer, so you'd best put them away for now.

Anissa might not seem like much compared to the other girls, but she's much better than most people give her credit for. I have to be honest, though. I think she and Jin are much better together.
Anissa might not seem like much compared to the other girls, but she's much better than most people give her credit for. I have to be honest, though. I think she and Jin are much better together.

And we're gone for now!

With the power of Earth restored, and the soil doing much better, our second job is done. Next, we're going to ring the blue bell, and restore the power of water back to the land! We're also going to be introduced to Gill, Luna, Jin, and (if you want to work ahead) Selena! For now, let me leave you with a few tips. First, if you don't have a duck, go to horn ranch and buy a duckling. It will take a while, but it will grow into a healthy duck, and give you a duck egg, which you will need to ring the blue bell. Also, if you want to get extra hearts with Anissa, get a cow. You can get one when you walk into the barn in Horn Ranch. Cain will even let you pick which one you want, and give you a free brush! Also, an aging pot will help. You need to put milk in an aging pot to make yogurt, which is one of her most beloved gifts. Happy womanizing, and I'll see you guys soon!


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